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18 Aug, 2015

In Case Your Partner is Addicted to Porn: How to Heal

Dear Readers, This topic of porn addiction comes up so much. And I say: where else is a better place to discuss it than here? This is one loving and smart community where we attempt to tackle life's problems in the best way. So let's do this. First of all, [...]

11 Mar, 2015

Wanting To Be Wanted

I remember very, very much what it was like to be single. I wanted to be wanted. I wanted a guy to notice me. To single me out. To somehow see something worthwhile or attractive or unique in me. And with that came wanting a guy...I'll just say be [...]

26 Feb, 2013

Dating & Verbal Abuse

Question from a Reader (written here with permission): How do you deal with being so deeply in love someone but they no longer want you, they just want to forget you and block you completely out of their life?  How do you deal with them being so verbally abusive but [...]

9 May, 2012

Tonight’s Class – 8 PM

Hi Readers - You should see my kitchen right now.  I've been in full class prep mode which means we ignore pretty much everything until the class is done & complete.  That includes cleaning, folding, showering, grocery shopping, errands, etc.  Every once in while I come up for air and [...]