We feel so honored that we've been invited to be guests in the media. We're always so happy to do it and welcome any opportunities.

CNN Headline News, Raising America: an interview with Mara, Kyra Phillips & Dr. Toledo about how infertility has been a blessing to Mara. (Kyra also experienced infertility.) Watch here.

Huffington Post LIVE:  a live interview with Mara called: "The Advice You Need to Hear if You're Stuck in a Relationship." Watch here.

Huffington Post LIVE: a live interview with Danny and Mara called, "Why 'Loving Somebody Imperfect' is the Key to Marital Happiness." Watch here.

Martha Stewart Sirius XM Radio: an interview with Mara and Darcy Miller about SOUL MATES & happiness. I don't have the link to the interview, but I wrote about it here.

Design Mom: Here are two Twitter quotes from Gabrielle Blair, founder of Alt Summit: 1. "Are you reading A Blog About Love? I tell you, I'm obsessed."  2. "For longer form blogging, I really enjoy A Blog About Love." (portrait by Justin Hackworth at Alt Summit 2014)

mara and gabrielle

Marie Forleo: Marie wrote about Mara & Danny in a newsletter she sent to all her business school students: "An incredible win to inspire your day: Mara, who along with her husband Danny, has taken charge of her lifestyle and made a big, brave incredible move to Ecuador from Brooklyn. They're using this time of financial freedom to really give their all to their business!" (photo by Eric Michael Pearson)

Clayton Christensen: Clayton, a world renowned business consultant, wrote a section about our blog in his book called, "The Power of Everyday Missionaries." He talked about how using an online platform is a great way to have conversations about even the most important things in life.

BYU Radio, Thinking Aloud: a one hour talk show interview with Danny and Mara about the topic of Choosing Happiness. Listen here.

choosing happiness

how to choose happiness

Ecuador at Your Service: An extensive 1 hour radio interview on Overseas Radio Network, by Ashley Rogers and Michel Blanchard of "Ecuador at Your Service." It's about our blog and our recent move to Cuenca, Ecuador.

RedBook Magazine: A Blog About Love was named as one of the TOP 20 Blogs About Infertility. Also, Mara did a video for RedBook called: "I Didn't Need a Baby To Find Happiness." Watch here.

Babble - Straight Talk From Real Moms & Dads on Getting Pregnant: Mara was one of 10 bloggers chosen to share an essay in Babble's e-book. The essay she wrote is called, "To Birth A Soul."

The Girls With Glasses Show: Mara & Danny were chosen as one of Brooke & Summer's TOP 5 FAVORITE BLOGGERS! See their cute video about it here.

Deseret News: An article about Mara called, "Learning to Be A Better Mother Because of Infertility." (photo by Justin Hackworth)

Danny and Mara Kofoed (Justin Hackworth Photgraphy)

Deseret News: An article about Mara called, "Emotional Aid Important When Facing Infertility."
(photo by Jonathan Canlas)

Off Switch Magazine: A four-page spread about us called: "An Interview About Love." Lots of good stuff. (photo by Jonathan Canlas) They featured an article Mara wrote: "6 Ways to Have a Happy Marriage While Traveling."

J.Crew Weddings: Mara and Danny were interviewed for their "Real Weddings" series. (photos by Rachel Thurston)


Huffington Post LIVE:  a live interview with Danny & Mara called, "Marriage Advice: How Tweaking Your Relationship Expectations Can Bring True Happiness." Watch here.

Jonathan Canlas's Book, FILM IS NOT DEAD: This photo in Central Park (one of my all time favorites) is just inside the cover of Jonathan's photography book.


And, it has blown us away completely that other bloggers have written about us. We feel so thankful every time. If your blog is missing here, please let us know! We'd love to add you to this list.

Design Mom (a shout out here about our Marriage Tips; a shout out here about the idea of choosing happiness; Mara's recommendation for natural beauty products; a link up to "Managing Your Energy"-one of my favorites; a shout out here for "Come Hither Haiku" sexy love tips; a link here to my post about gratitude in the face of a failed IVF; a portrait of Gabby & Mara; a link to my essay on "Adoption, Stamina, & Desire.")

Cup of Jo (an entire collaborative post from Joanna's "Motherhood Mondays" series. It's about ending the pursuit to have children and the lessons I have learned along the way.)

Clementine Daily (a recommendation to read this post: What I've Been Doing to Heal)

Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook (a shout out about my Natural Beauty Night)

Emily Henderson (a recommendation by Emily to read A Blog About Love)

Hey Natalie Jean (a post about our outing to see the lights in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn)

The Girls With Glasses Show (a cute Valentine's video featuring Mara & Danny)

Justin Hackworth (a post about Justin meeting us in NYC for a photo shoot. Awesome photos included!)

Greetings From Texas (an interview with Mara with fun questions!)

The Lucky Penny (this post about did me in. It's written by a former co-worker of mine - about an evening when we met up for dinner)

Steph Modo (one of my favorite photos of Danny & I plus a recommendation to read our blog)

Simple Lovely (a guest post by Mara including some of her favorite things)

BlogStar / Sarah Bryden Brown (a guest post by Mara called "My Life as a Blog")

Loveumentary (a post about our blog - one of his favorite love blogs! He included his 3 favorite posts. They're good ones.)

The Daily Muse (a tour of our Brooklyn home, photographed by the lovely Rebecca Baust)

The Luncheon Project (a really good 2-part interview done over lunch in Brooklyn: Part I & Part II )

Sublime Eye (a photo shoot with Danny & Mara at the lovely Snapdragon Inn. Photos by Chris Cammock)

Kelly McCaleb (an entire post about our blog, which she says is "so worth the read")

Mixed Threads (one of my favorite posts -written by my sister-in-law - about how my crazy posts have helped change her life)

Melanie Mauer (an entire post about us -including tidbits about a photo shoot Melanie did with us in NYC on the street corner where Danny & I first met)

The New Diplomat's Wife (a wonderful tribute to our blog and Danny & I as a couple)

Her Bad Mother (several articles we've shared on social media have been posted on the Bad Mother Daily)

Mega Simple (loved this post about how Megan invited me to join her at The Katie Couric Show to see Brené Brown. It was a day I'll never forget.)

Little Projects in Style (a post about her crush on our blog :)

Adore Your Place (an entire post about our blog & how it's given her the tools to improve her relationship and have more passion)

Project Wedding (a post highlighting our awesome Central Park photo shoot with Jonathan Canlas)

The Mombot (more about my article called, "Tips From a J.Crew Stylist")

J.Crew Aficionada (a post highlighting an article I wrote called, "Tips From a J.Crew Stylist")

Russ & Camille (one of my favorite write-ups about our blog. Such a heartfelt post about how our blog has inspired Camille.)

Life Less Ordinary (a post about a Relief Society Women's Retreat in Washington D.C. where Danny & Mara were keynotes for two days. The experience was unforgettable.)

A Handful of Peanuts (a post about "love the second time around." She wrote about Danny & Mara meeting.)

Practically Perfect in Every Way (a reader wrote about her experience of meeting up with us in Brooklyn for a "walk in the park")

No. 4 Design Studio (a fun "Pop Talk" post about our blog - including a short interview with Mara)

Six & A Half Kids (a lovely post from a mom in Idaho who somehow felt inspired, even though we live such different lives) 

Love, Amy M (a post about meeting Mara in person in NYC after the blog had given her hope during a divorce)

A Decorator's Notebook (I love this post about our "Modern Love Story")

Patheos (a post about choosing health over the birth control pill)

6th Street Design School (a post about speaking at Alt Summit with Mara - also a home tour of our Brooklyn home) 

Madison Larson Photography (a sweet post about why she loves to read our blog)

Rhymes With Laundry (a very sweet shout out about our blog)

Jasperson Adventures (Jileun says about our blog: "this is definitely my favorite blog right now.")

Savor Home (she says she wishes she had found our blog sooner.)


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