An Offer from Me

I've had this offer here for 2 1/2 years and had AMAZING experiences with so many people who met up with me in Brooklyn. Though now that we're in Ecuador I'm trying to figure out another option to connect with you further. Stay tuned. We have some ideas in the works...

Hello Dear Readers,

Someone helped me immensely along my path, and I would love to pass on the favor & do the same for you.  So, all of you.........if you want to figure out how to become happier or how to conquer one of your trials, I invite you to come to Brooklyn to talk to me for 1 hour - I'll tell you what I know.  (No charge, of course.)  Please wear walkable shoes for a walk in Prospect Park!  Write me at mara[at]ablogaboutlove[dot]com with the subject:  "Walk in park".

With love,


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