We absolutely love to hear feedback, thoughts, and ideas from our community here. Please don't hesitate to write us at:

mara@ablogaboutlove dot com or
danny@ablogaboutlove dot com

We do our very best to respond to emails. Though if time doesn't allow for a response, please accept our deepest gratitude in advance for reaching out to us. Your notes mean the world to us and inspire us to continue doing what we do.

Much love to you,

Mara & Danny

P.S. You can also stay in touch with us on these other platforms if you'd like:

Twitter (@ablogaboutlove) - I share little tidbits here from time to time about our lifestyle or blog and on a good day, some great articles worth reading.

Facebook - I share new blog posts here and also pics from our adventures.

Pinterest - I LOVE to find and pin good & healthy recipes, ideas for a modern home, and how can I not pin cute hair ideas and style ideas?  :)

(I currently don't have time for Instagram!)
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