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What would cause two people who’d never met to say to themselves, “I’m probably going to marry this person!” after just 3 emails on the first day?

We’re going to show you.

We were two people who’d recently been through hard stuff like infertility, betrayal, infidelity, and divorce. But we weren’t jaded. We were CELEBRATING life and love and growth!

It has something to do with the principles we share on this website.

We were doing our best to live them back then, too. And our first love letters to each other show it. A mutual friend introduced us via email, saying “we just had to meet!” And we started writing. A LOT! Like over 100 pages in the 3 weeks before we met. And hundreds more after that.

So why share these emails with you?

(Besides the fact that it’s so fun to read the juicy letters of two people so smitten with love.) To show you what living a life motivated by love looks like…long before our circumstances changed for the better, and before we were aware anyone would read our words. Plus, you might just wonder what would move us to say “I Love You!” and mean it within just the first few days of writing.

While we don’t think a relationship is a requirement for a happy life, we post these to celebrate the kind of vulnerability that’s possible when you get your happiness & peace from within.



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How it All Began, Part 1

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How It All Began, Part 2

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How It All Began, Part 3

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Buttermilk Pancakes

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Dreams of a Great Marriage

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Will There Be Magic?

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Two Very Happy People



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Uncontrollable Smiles

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Feeling Grateful

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“I Love You”

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A Hard Headed Woman

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Walking the Same Path

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Lists of Adoration

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A Bus Ride Away

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Meeting Danny

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Our First Date

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Would I Be Enough?