17 December 2016

Pop-Up Shop: Striped Pillows

I just had these pillows made for you. And I cannot keep my eyes off of them!!

They are the brightest spot in this house right now and I just smile inside every time I look at them.

And that's why I'm going to call them Color Therapy Pillows.

Because this spark of happiness is real, people. 

This is just the pillow to get you through the rest of winter.

I got the striped fabric from an indigenous community in Ecuador. The women and girls wear a piece of this striped fabric wrapped around their waist, for a skirt. And they literally weave this fabric by hand with a wooden loom. Could these pillows get any cooler? Also, the fabric is thick and smooth to touch.

The pillows were sewn by a professional workroom in Cuenca. The zipper is hidden and the backside is white upholstery fabric.

The pillows look super modern and will add THE BEST pop of color to any room.

I love this fabric so much I had planned to use it in my own house before I thought of doing these pop-ups. But, ANYTHING FOR REFUGEES RIGHT NOW!!! I'd sell you my vintage yellow chairs if I could.


Price: $95 each

Size: 17 1/2" x 17 1/2

Delivery: $12.

Included: Pillow cover only. Inner cushion not included. Recommended cushion size: 20"x20" (it's great if the pillow is slightly larger than the actual pillow cover.) Inner Cushions Available at IKEA.

Shipping: I will be sending these late January from the U.S., instead of sending from Ecuador. Thanks for your patience!

To Claim It: Write SOLD in the comments. Send $107 immediately to mara@ablogaboutlove (dot) com via Paypal. Please include your shipping address in the Paypal notes. Thank you!

***This sale is part of our #HolidayServiceProject. By purchasing, you 
allow 100% of the profit to be given to Lifting Hands International 
on behalf of the Serres Refugee Camp in northern Greece. If you'd like to 
join in, raise or donate $100 (or any amount) by Dec. 25th to help keep refugees warm 
and fed this winter. This organization is doing work on the ground with hundreds of volunteers. The founder is the only paid employee and she makes less than $20k a year. Your funds will go to the people who need it the most.***



Provo, UT - 2/11

Atlanta, GA - 4/29

Come and have an experience that will be healing to your soul. Give yourself an incredible boost for having the life you desire in 2017. This is exactly the kind of event I once needed myself. I'm so honored and humbled to provide this for you. 


  1. Replies
    1. You are INCREDIBLE. Thank you for buying them. And I'm so thrilled you'll have both. Truth be told, these need to be in a pair. So excited for you to have them. If I can get them to you sooner than late January, I will. (Maybe via a friend heading to the states.) Love, M

    2. so gorgous! so special!!

    3. It makes me ridiculously happy to envision all of these beautiful things in A Blog About Lovers' homes! Hoping next time I'll be in a position to be able to get in the mix. :)

    4. Thanks, ladies!! And yes, Sally, it has been way too fun to sell some of these special things to our beloved readers - and for a good cause.

      This project has kicked me in the pants to have some of these items available in a shop on our new website. So I'm digging further to get more quantities, shipping capabilities, etc. It's been so fun to work on this...


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