09 December 2016

Pop-Up Shop: The Sig Sig Bags

Todays' pop-up is really special...

We once visited a women's co-op of weavers in a very small town in Ecuador called Sig Sig. And I was just elated when the guide told us that 100% of the workers are women. We got to tour their workshop and see where they dry palm leaves and create extremely well-made Panama hats and bags with their hands. 

We thought it would be amazing to get some bags woven for you all (right?). So we contacted the women by phone and sent them a drawing of a bag... 

They made a sample bag for us in less than a week and even said they'd bring it into the city of Cuenca. They requested that we meet them on the steps of the bank. 

And this is what we saw when we arrived....

It turns out the woman weaving the hat is the President of the company and the other woman is the Secretary, who took notes while we all spoke. They were SO kind and cheerful. We asked if they could help with shipping to the U.S. and they said yes, in fact earlier that day they had shipped 800 hats to the U.S. Ok, these women are utter rockstars in my book.

Here is The Circle Bag we had them make for us.... and I must say, I just adore it

In two days while walking around Cuenca, I've had THREE women stop to say they love the bag. That hasn't ever happened here. I think the women here know their weaving, and they know this round shape is new to the scene. :)

The Circle Bag - 3 Available
Update: This style already sold-out. Though leave a comment if you want to be put on a list for the future...

Today we were completely spoiled and got to visit the spa with our best friends here in Cuenca (they're a couple from Utah that moved here with their two daughters - and we just can't get enough of our epic conversations.) 

It was a dream to take my new bag to the spa and it worked out perfectly as a carry-all.

This is what I put in it today:

-Water Bottles (we add lime to our water which is the most refreshing thing to drink in the sun or after the sauna.)
-Face Oil w/ plant-based sun protection properties 
-Essential Oils for aromatherapy in the Sauna & Laying in the Sun: Bergamot, Arborvitae, Passion (contact me if you want to get wholesale prices.)
-Cell Phone
-Laptop - for doing some work, reading, or writing (though, um...it was so nice to talk with our friends that I never got to the computer.)

This Circle Tote is extremely sturdy and not flimsy/fragile at all like many straw/raffia/grass type bags. The palm leaves this is woven with are crazy strong. It seems I could carry three bricks around in it and the thing would still hold up. 

These weavers, the savvy business ladies that they are, also brought a few other bags to see if they could entice me. And well, they did. And so we actually have THREE bags to choose from today. Truth be told, there was a fourth bag, but it got sold to a passerby before I could take a photo of it. But here are these two beauties...

The Fringe Top Bag - 3 Available 2 Available

The Black & White Bag - 3 Available 
Update: This style already sold-out. Though leave a comment if you want to be put on a list for the future...

These are all extremely well made. I know you'll just LOVE them.

Price for each bag: $79

Shipping: $15

Delivery: The bags will take 1-2 weeks to make, depending on how many people want one. But shipping will take a little longer. Instead of sending them individually from Ecuador, I may send several of them together to the States. So thanks for your patience. We'll get you the bag as soon as we can. I should have an update on the estimated shipping in the next few days, so you can inquire about that if needed.

To Claim It: Write SOLD in the comments and indicate which bag you want (Round, Fringe Top, or Black & White). Send payment immediately to mara@ablogaboutlove (dot) com via Paypal. Please include your shipping address in the Paypal notes. Thank you!

New Info.: I'm considering opening a small shop. If these sell-out for the #HolidayServiceProject, still leave your name below and I'll be working away to get you a bag!

I simply can't wait for you to enjoy one of these bags from these amazing women!

***This sale is part of our #HolidayServiceProject. By purchasing, you 
allow 100% of the profit to be given to Lifting Hands International 
on behalf of the Serres Refugee Camp in northern Greece. Stay tuned for 
future Pop-Up Shops in the coming days and weeks.***


Provo, UT - 2/11

Atlanta, GA - 4/29

Come and have an experience that will be healing to your soul. Give yourself an incredible boost for having the life you desire in 2017. This is exactly the kind of event I once needed myself. I'm so honored and humbled to provide this for you. 



  1. SOLD! Black and white bag.

  2. Sold black and white bag!

    Thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com!

  3. Mara, for real you need to open a shop online. You need to have these artisans continue to make all of these amazing items for you so you can have a permanent shop. I'm not even kidding in the slightest. You have such incredible taste and have designed each item and are supporting small makers...this has got to be more than a pop up shop!

  4. SOLD! Round please. racheljkirk8@gmail.com

  5. SOLD! Round please!
    --Myndi: myndisajovic at hotmail dot com

  6. Add me to the wait list for 1 round and 1 b&w. Thanks, Mara!

  7. You really need to get your hands on the striped green one that has a sliver of an appearance in the photo. It's so vibrant. Save me one :)

  8. I'd love a black and white bag.

  9. OMG, Mara, I love the bags, so beautiful!

    Please put me on the list for a round one, but I do love the fringe top bag... SO TORN.

    Would you ship to Canada???



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