We Will Stand Up For You

Always and forever – we send our love to all those who feel victimized by Donald Trump and his words. I’d like to echo the governor of New York here and let you know, too, that we will stand up for you.

Andrew Cuomo:

“The state of New York has a proud legacy as the progressive capital of the nation, and that is more important today than ever before.

As New Yorkers, we have fundamentally different philosophies than what Donald Trump laid out in his campaign.

So let me be absolutely clear: If anyone feels that they are under attack, I want them to know that the state of New York – the state that has the Statue of Liberty in its harbor – is their refuge.

Whether you are gay or straight, Muslim or Christian, rich or poor, black or white or brown, we respect all people in the state of New York.

It’s the very core of what we believe and who we are. But it’s not just what we say, we passed laws that reflect it, and we will continue to do so, no matter what happens nationally. We won’t allow a federal government that attacks immigrants to do so in our state.

We are a state of immigrants.

We are the state that raised the minimum wage to $15.

We are the state that passed Paid Family Leave.

We are the state that passed marriage equality.

We are New York, and we will stand up for you. And on that, I will never compromise.

Count on it.”

With Love,

P.S. What is the energy like where you live? What are people saying about this election outcome? This letter pretty much represents how New Yorkers are feeling right now. 

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  1. DanandEmily November 13, 2016 at 4:11 pm - Reply

    I love this so much!

  2. Jean November 14, 2016 at 7:35 am - Reply

    This was so beautiful.

    I live in a blue state in a red city so I find myself lucky. People in this city are afraid to talk about the election here. Too controversial. Not a polite topic. Maybe they're tired too. Best to just have tea at the country club dahling. But when the women who voted for Trump find each other, holy moly the floodgates open! I have never seen such a call to action against racism amongst my female friends. This is not an activist area so it is really moving. I am speechless at the amount of love and passion that I have seen.

    PS: Everyone is really, really interested in Extinction Burst btw!

    • mara November 14, 2016 at 1:47 pm - Reply

      This note is so hopeful!! I feel so many of us have an uprising within us – more than ever. I love hearing others feeling this, too. And we certainly need this far and wide to move the needle in making racism extinct.

  3. Ruth November 14, 2016 at 2:01 pm - Reply

    Living in small town Utah, there is not much talk about the election. Although, there must be some talk about it at the elementary school, because my 9 year old daughter asked me the day after the election what it means for us that Donald Trump was elected. She was very fearful. We do not talk about politics too much at our house. I assured her that we were going to just keep on doing what we do. Being good citizens and kind to everyone. She looked at me and said okay, they (Donald's people) do not even really know who we are. I said you are right. In our home, being the best people we can be is must, especially to others. I have talked about the election with one of my co-workers. She and I agree that Donald Trump was elected, because of the fear mongering that goes on in this country. That needs to change. We are both in agreement to just let people live in ways that make them happy. Let the refugees come. She said she watched a documentary on the refugees in the middle east. They need some place to go. Let them come here. 🙂 I will continue to be the best person I can be, while encouraging my kids to be the best people they can be.

    • mara November 14, 2016 at 2:30 pm - Reply

      Yes. Fear. I think fear played a MASSIVE part in this election. Had to. Fear was the rhetoric of Trump's campaign.

      And, love hearing this convo with your daughter.

  4. Anonymous November 14, 2016 at 3:48 pm - Reply

    Hello Mara
    Both of our candidates were flawed. I think the media has driven and enflamed the hate in this election. I watched President-Elect Trump interview on 60 Minutes. He addressed the issues. He is not anti gay marriage, he is for controlled immigration. I am sure Mara had to follow the immigration laws of Ecuador, he is saying we need to uphold our immigration laws.
    I live and work near San Bernardino where we had the terrorist attack, so I am for careful vetting of immigrants.
    In the words of Stephen Covey "Seek first to understand then to be understood". We can have this be a "win-win" for America.
    I have had conversations with both pro Trump and pro Clinton supporters. I can listen to their viewpoints without hitting them, degrading them or arguing. I can have an open mind, ears and heart so I can be a better American.
    Both the RNC, DNC and media were trying to divide this country. It is up to each of us to respect and love one another. When we put people into categories we divide instead of embrace. We are Americans, we are human, we are imperfect, but we can be "Better Together and Make America Great Again"
    Thank you for having a blog that celebrates Love.

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