29 November 2016

Pop-Up Shop: Leather Boots Made By Hand

Friends, this pop-up is off the hook.

I've decided to sell some boots from my shoemaker in Cuenca.

Since I've been here, I've purchased (3) pairs of boots from the husband and wife duo. They've had their shop for 50 years.

And the boots....!
They are soooo well made. We're talking the quality of Frye Boots for 50% less. They are the best handmade shoes I've seen in Ecuador (and trust me, I'm always looking.)

Also, how fun is it to know these will literally be made BY HAND in a little workshop just for you. I really, really ADORE these boots. They're comfortable and sturdy. They hold up extremely well. I think with some periodic polishes and infrequent sole repairs, these boots will last for years and years. I would not sell anything here unless I didn't think it was the best!

Here are the (3) styles for sale...

Riding Boot:

Lace-up Boots:


Price for The Riding Boot: $260

Price for The Lace-up Boots: $220

Price for the Bootie: $180

Size: 8 1/2 (regular width)

[I am so sorry to say that sizes are really tricky here in Ecuador (they're not as standard, like the U.S.)- and I personally think they require a try-on. I am a classic 8 1/2, so I'll be trying these on for you to ensure a proper fit before sending them to you. If you'd like to take a risk and order a different size, I am happy to do that and we can cross our fingers. But regardless, we won't be able to accept any returns.]

Shipping: $20. Approximately 4-6 weeks. (The earlier orders will be shipped first.)

To Claim It: Write SOLD in the comments and indicate which pair you want. Send payment immediately to mara@ablogaboutlove (dot) com via Paypal. Please include your shoe size and shipping address in the notes. Thank you!!SaveSave

***This sale is part of our #HolidayServiceProject. By purchasing, you 
allow 100% of the profit to be given to Lifting Hands International 
on behalf of the Serres Refugee Camp in northern Greece. Stay tuned for 
future Pop-Up Shops in the coming days and weeks.***


  1. Riding boots sold! Love and
    Miss you guys!

    1. Sooo awesome. Love and miss you, too. Can't wait to get these boots to you.

  2. Love this! I love my boots so much that I got from there, and I wear them all the time. I can second that they are incredibly gorgeous and well made and will last a long time. Love love love them. Love them so much I might ask you to buy me a pair of the riding boots sometime soon, since I know my size :-)

    1. Thanks for the praise here, Sarah! I thought of you when writing this post. My sister-in-law came to visit and also bought some boots there. I always have to peek in to see if they have anything new gems. I still should get some black ones. And yes, anytime - let me know if you want some riding boots. We'll be coming to NYC in January. Then again hopefully soon after if all our plans come together. I could bring them. XOXOX

  3. Those riding boots are on my dream wish list and if I hadn't just gotten the first thing on my dream list, I would have to go for those. It's been fun to see all the beautiful things you are selling. Lots of love to you both.


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