17 November 2016

Pop-Up Shop: Embroidered Blouses

Hey, hey! Another pop-up shop!

Fashion blogger I am not - but here we go...I need to show you this amazing top somehow. I've worn this top in the states and many of my friends have said they want one! It's embroidered by hand by a woman in Cuenca and typically takes 2 weeks to make. I absolutely love the flowers and colors on this blouse.

(5) Embroidered Blouses Are For Sale.

(This is how many the woman can commit to right now.)

Price: $50. Brand New.

Size: One Size Available. Should fit most XS, S, M (you can see it's got some room.)

Shipping: $15. These are being hand-embroidered as we speak. Delivery should be in 4-6 weeks.

To Claim It: Write SOLD in the comments and send $65 immediately to mara@ablogaboutlove.com via Paypal. Please include your shipping address in the notes.

***This sale is part of our #HolidayServiceProject. By purchasing, you 
allow 100% of the profit to be given to Lifting Hands International 
on behalf of the Serres Refugee Camp in northern Greece. Stay tuned for 
future Pop-Up Shops in the coming days and weeks.***

And after a few pictures, we went for our daily walk. 

You may notice FOUR doggies here!! Well, we haven't adopted a fourth yet (!) But I tell ya, we have fallen hard for this one. We see him daily at the park and our whole family has a crush on him. We call him Mr. Chow.

Don't forget: 100% of Love+Happiness Mentoring Sessions booked for the next bit will go to the Serres Refugee Camp. By booking, you'll allow $150 to go to the camp where they'll be working hard to keep people warm and fed this winter.

Let's shoot for 100 people putting in $100. #WeAreSmallButMighty.

Love to all!!



  1. Mr. Chow is sooo adorable!!

    1. Oh.my.gosh - the sweetest dog EVER. He's 100% good natured and so smart. He learned to "sit" in about 1 minute.

      We see many doggies each day and have named all of them: Old Man Jenkins, Angus, Percy, Peeta, Puppy Face, Cocoa, Vinny, Bob Marley. Luckily most of the dogs we see are getting fed somewhere - though the owners just let them roam around. Sadly this leads to a short lifespan for them :( due to disease, eating trash, cars, etc. Wish we could just adopt them all!!

  2. Eleftheria SfikakiNovember 18, 2016 2:23 AM

    Greetings from Athens, Greece. As a longtime reader i am delighted to see you have chosen to aid one of the refugee camps here in Greece. There are many more ongoing efforts based here in Greece, to assist refugees, but everyone that has something to offer is more than welcome as there are SO VERY MANY people in need.


    1. This was the best comment to wake up to. I'm so glad my blog has reached you in Greece. So thankful to hear your words. Much love from afar, Mara

  3. The dog is adorable! My kids want a dog a lot. You are beautiful inside and out. :)

    1. Thank you Ruth - your support here is always so appreciated. We love you!

  4. SOLD!!! That top is so gorgeous, can't wait :)

    1. Thank you, Kimmy! So glad to have you join in.

  5. Replies
    1. awesome!! thank you tons, Ali! :)

    2. Hi sweet Mara! Haven't commented much on here but just wanted to thank you and Danny for the wonderful example you have given me over the past year, you would be amazed at how much of an impact you two have had on me.
      Danny, I absolutely love your understanding of the gospel, it is so inspiring to me! And Mara, talk about a woman of light! What a woman you are! I'm aspiring to become more like you:) love what you two do and who you are and I hope maybe I can get a session in with you two!! Having that go to the refugees would make it even more lovely!
      Mara, a quick question in case I don't do mentoring for a while....
      Did you find improving your health helped your moods, emotions and esteem? I would love to hear more about your experience with that if you would be willing to share. Did the way you treat people change? Did the way you view yourself change? What about anxiety and depression? So many questions but you don't have to answer them all! Just what you would be willing to share!
      Anyways, thanks again you two! Have a lovely day and I will hopefully talk to both of you soon!

    3. I read that book by Brogan you recommended bytheway and WOW. I'm going to try it and am needed motivation! And we all know you are the best at motivation! So share anything you can!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Hello - so lovely for you to write. And YESSS. Improving my health *drastically* changing my moods, emotions, and esteem. It was like night and day. So now, I feel convinced that if someone doesn't feel fantastic, it's often very likely due to the food. Inflammation is pretty much a universal struggle for people now due to pesticides in our food and in our bodies and way too much sugar. Inflammation leads to depression, moodiness, headaches, and loads of problems and diseases. So I try to keep that in check as best I can. I've had amazing success with eliminating gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar. I've eliminated anxiety, depression,chronic adult acne and enlarged pores and overall unhealthy looking skin, migraines, terrible PMS, terrible moods, chronic bloating in my stomach, yeast infections & UTIs, and extreme fatigue (i.e. wanting to take naps every day and being barely able to stay awake.) I've also kept my Hashimotos at bay and it has not progressed in ten years. If I have even a little of these foods, I can feel it in my mood and body that same day.

      But yes, changing my diet absolutely led to a healthier emotional state - I felt more positivity, more strength, more love, more resilience, more stability, more able to handle difficult situations and people. Of course, I haven't been perfect at this completely. Recently I've had some unfortunate situations with my parents (you can see why in a comment above.) So I'm working through that. But overall, taking care of myself transformed my life.

  6. Hi, Mara & Danny. The charity wasn't listed on charity tracker & I couldn't find an annual report on the website. Do you think you could post a link to their financials? Love this shirt, this cause, and you guys! All my best.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for asking. Lifting Hands International has only been tax exempt since March as they're an uprising organization that was created to meet the recent needs of refugees. So they haven't had the opportunity to file an annual report yet. But they will have one after Dec. 31. XO

    2. Perfect. Will keep an eye out for that. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer! (I work in the nonprofit sector, so I always like to be aware of how much of my donation goes to clients and how much towards salaries/overhead before making a purchase/donation.) De nuevo gracias.


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