28 October 2016

Trick-or-Treat for Love Mentoring

OK all you Americans, enjoy your candy corns, butterfingers, and tootsie rolls. Thank goodness my mother-in-law had a dish of candy corns at her house when we visited UT. :) I did have some handfuls. 

AND, to celebrate Halloween and the end of this election :)...

I'd like to send out a surprise self-care "treat" to anyone who signs up for Love+Happiness Mentoring between now and Nov. 8th. Because it's a good 12 days for some self-care, don't you think? I'll be sending out some of my favorite items. 

In case you're feeling stressed or stuck - and feeling the need for some support, some new ideas for your life, some mentoring, healing, and love - let's do this. Sign-up here. 

Love to all, 


P.S. Brooklyn!!!!!! Oh, you've got me. I love you hardcore. 

(photos from Barbara Peck on the lovely site, Gardenista.)


  1. You'd send a treat in The mail?


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