The Brooklyn Event I Wish I Could Go To…

OK, friends – especially you New Yorkers or ones who have NY connections…

Want to help a sister out in a huge way?!

One of my friends from afar, Mindy Gledhill, has the coolest band with her brother-in-law, Dustin.
It’s called Hive Riot.

I’ve posted about Mindy a few times here because I love her music and admire her efforts – and she happens to be one of the most soulful, beautiful, kind women around. She’s also a mom of three, in addition to being a literal rockstar.

Anyway, her next show is in BROOKLYN on OCTOBER 20. She would love, love, love your support by having this show SELL OUT AT THE SEAMS!!!

I promise you that you’ll love seeing Mindy & Dustin perform. Mindy’s voice will take your breath away. And Dustin is the kindest soul AND a piano virtuoso who has been traveling the globe performing since AGE THREE (crazy, right?). And the music is all about letting go and being true to yourself. Kinda perfect in these parts, don’t you think?

So, here’s what we can do:
  • Buy your tickets HERE.
  • Bring your friends or a date or your rockstar kids.
  • Share this post with your NYC connections.
  • Send me a pic if you go so that I can live vicariously through you!
  • Get all hot and ready with this song about KISSING!!!!!
  • And, um, did you see 80s costumes are encouraged?!?
I would so love to see this lovely woman & amazing guy succeed. I know personally how much work it takes to make your dreams happen. And they are giving it ALL THEY’VE GOT.

Best of luck, Mindy & Dustin!!!!

We love you and we’re rooting for you!!!!

With Love, 
P.S. See their Undercover video HERE. Listen to Hive Riot on Spotify


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