31 October 2016

The 'About Love' Halloween Parade

These are some littles from our blog community here. Gah. Love them to pieces!!! Get ready for cuteness overload and enjoy this 'About Love' Halloween Parade....

 Two Madelines. Oh, I could die!! (From Julie in TX.)

A Vending Machine! So creative. (From Julie, in TX)

Milkshake & Peter Pan. "Big sister negotiated for weeks trying to sell her brother on being a cheeseburger, and he begged her to be Wendy, but neither side would capitulate. #mismatchedpair" (from Linsey, in Brooklyn.) 

This is David! He's the little boy from the David Shannon books. He makes poor choices, but he always says sorry. His mom still says I love you even when he makes poor choices in the end of the story! (From Megan, in OH.)

 These parents are enjoying their little unicorn & butterfly (two costumes are better than one!) (From Sheena, in Ontario.)

 Partners in crime & best buddies. Cleopatra and Star Lord. (From Nicole, in UT.)

It doesn't get any better than this! (From Melissa, in NJ.)

Cute brothers: a Monkey and Buzz Lightyear, looking so proud! (From Vanessa, in CA.)

Eeeeks! A mermaid that has been caught and hooked. (From a make-up artist, Lauren, in WA.)

Hello, Mr. police officer. (From Julie, in TX)

Spooky, spooky skeleton! (From Julie, in TX)

Two happy expats celebrating Halloween far from home. (From Jenny, in Guam.)

The cutest strawberry there ever was. (From Megan, in TX.) 

 This is the outfit Indigenous women in Ecuador wear, and they add the apron while selling flowers. Braids, hat, apron, skirt, and basket tied to the back...it's all there. (From Rick & Michelle, in Cuenca) 

Love, love this punk rocker! Don't miss the nose ring, bracelet, and black nail polish. (From Rick & Michelle, in Cuenca, Ecuador.)

A little sweetie bee with an important message! (From Sally)

Thanks to the Moms & Dads for letting us show off your darling children!  :)  Feel free to still send in pics for the next day or two and I'll add them to this post.

One of the greatest rewards of our work is knowing it sometimes has an affect on these darling kids. Since we don't have any of our own, this is the next best thing.

We love you all!!

And don't forget, I'll send a free self-care package to anyone who books Love+Happiness Mentoring between now and Nov. 8.


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