02 September 2016

September: A Month That Has Truly Changed My Life

I apologize to our followers on Facebook, because I shared most of this post over there. Sometimes I get carried away with writing on our Facebook page, and my dear mother-in-law once said, "You practically wrote a post! You should have posted that on the blog!" I think she's right. 

Today, I just wanted to celebrate September. 

I can feel and smell and taste this month more than any other. 

Just take a look:

-I was in Manhattan on 9/11/01.

-I bought my first piece of NYC real estate in September.

-September was my first month alone after my first husband left.

-I emailed Danny for the first time on 9/11/09.

-We adopted ALL of our three doggies in September.

-I started 'A Blog About Love' in September.

-We hosted our very first retreat in September (which felt like a massive accomplishment at the time!)


What on earth?! This blows me away. So many pivotal experiences in one month! 

I'm so grateful to see where each of these experiences has taken me. And I'm reminded now how beautiful life can be, no matter what hardships we've experienced. Cheers to September.

Do you feel the presence of a certain month, more than others? Perhaps due to a pivotal experience that is forever seared in your brain?  

If you want to read more about that time after my husband left, here is one of my favorite posts of all time, "When the Air is Clear", written, of course, on September 11.


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  1. Wow, September is a nostalgic month for you! Isn't it funny how that works out sometimes? I love it. I feel the same way about December! My husband and I had our first kiss in December (of 1998), were married December 27, 2003, and 3 out of our 4 babies were born in December (Dec 8, 2007, Dec 13, 2009, and Dec 10, 2014...with our February baby in 2012 being the odd (wo)man out)!! Between that and everything that comes with the Christmas season though, now the trick is to keep December super fun but still balanced so this mama doesn't die of stress! 😜

  2. I think some of it is the back to school, clearing the cobwebs feeling!


  3. This is amazing! My birthday is in September so I'm a little partial to it. My divorce was finalized on 9-11-07. It used to really bug me that it is such a memorable date, but I've come to embrace all that it means and choose to honor all that I learned before, during, and after. Cheers to many more Septembers!

  4. Hi there!
    What great dates and experience! I love the numerology what is really interesting! I'm a great fan of astrology anyways and I love to read a lot about astrosofa.com/horoscope/ascendant a lot! Also your blog entry about Love is amazing I totally dig reading your blog!
    Keep on writing your posts they way you are doing it! :)


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