15 January 2016

Love Announcements

Yes, a few Love Announcements, too! Here's a list of things I'd love to share with you...

We were interviewed on a podcast - Here's a really thorough interview with Bill Reel of Mormon Discussions. After I wrote my post on shifting away from Mormonism, Bill said he'd love to do an interview with us. He's a long time Mormon and typically dedicated to helping people stay within the faith, even during times of faith crisis. But now, he's having his own faith crisis. Danny and I spoke about our spiritual practices that could maybe inspire another facing a similar situation.

A homemade treat we are going NUTS over - It's called the One-Minute Slice and it was voted one of the most popular recipes on Food Matters. It's ridiculously good. One thing I love for recipes like this is my silicone cupcake pan. I just pour in the batter and make chocolate hockey pucks that pop right out after refrigerating. So easy. Though, um, how about HEART shaped silicone pans. Yes, please. Trust me, this recipe would make the ultimate Valentine's Day treat!! (We're making some right now. :)

What I've been up to - At the last minute, I decided to sign up for Brene Brown's Living Brave Semester. I'll be joining a sister and a dear friend/retreat alumni. Are any of you doing it? I've only done Brene's first lesson, but I loved it. I also hope to have a semester like this from A Blog About Love before too long. :) My goal is to bring the retreat experience to you all online. [Note: Today is the last day to sign-up for Brene's semester.]

Movie Recommendation - The Big Short. Holy smokes. It's about the 2008 financial crisis. And it will make your blood chill. It was fascinating and extremely well done.

Favorite Recent Purchase - I decided to use glass for my daily drinking water. And I'm LOVING this beautiful glass water bottle from Takeya, of Japan. This thing sits next to me all day and it practically makes drinking water fun because the thing is so pretty and functional.

Winter Bucket List - I've got my eye on snow shoeing for next year. I've ALWAYS wanted to do this  in Prospect Park after a big snow. You can also rent snow shoes at places like Mohonk Mountain House, in the Hudson Valley.

Official Announcement - Our next retreat in Ecuador will be APRIL 17-23! Registration will launch very soon! Stay tuned!!! We so hope you can come. Check flights to Quito.

Hope your weekend is cozy and renewing and full of some love,


P.S. Best wishes to Alt Summit! The conference is taking place this week in Utah. I have so loved going to those events and feel sad I won't be in the country this year. Sending all my love to fellow bloggers and the founders, Gabrielle Blair and Sara Urquhart. Hoping we can make it to a summer event.


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm taking Brene Browns Living Brave Semester too! I was just working on my lamp. Can't wait to meet up with you in the discussions! :)

  2. I am taking that course too! What a cool thing you are too! Maybe you should set up a group in the forum for "blogaboutlove" people and we can connect in both spots. ;) What are you guys' names in there? I'll look out for you and look forward to connecting and encouraging each other!

  3. Hi Mara! I also made a major water bottle change for my and my husband (had to get him to toss his Nalgene bottle!) and picked LifeFactory water bottles. We both love ours and you can order them from Amazon. I am also inspired by you to change my makeup over to all makeup that's "good for me" but don't have the budget to go out and replace it all today.my plan is to do it one product at a time. Would love to see an updated beauty regimen/ skin care/ type post from you. - Andrea Q

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