2016 Retreat Registration is Now OPEN!

Hello to all  –

We just launched registration for ALL our 2016 events for this Spring & Summer!! And as you can see, we added a few surprises. (Head over to our updated event page HERE to see updated cities, restructured prices, and details). Our hearts are huge as we think of those of you who have said you’d love to come to a future retreat. Thank you! We are total geeks about talking about love and happiness, so we’re glad that you want to talk about it, too.

I feel giddy looking at this line-up of cities. Can you tell we’re going for it?! Our theme is: GO BIG OR GO HOME. Ha. It’s the last run of events during this sabbatical, so we’re going to give it all we’ve got. We hope so much that one of these dates & locations will work for you.

Love Retreat
Love Retreat

A New Format…

Thank you for your feedback earlier! We took your words to heart and developed a 1-DAY event in the U.S. We’re calling them LOVE BOOT CAMPS as the day will be chock-full of classes and learning experiences. You will absolutely walk away with new tools that you can put into practice right away, whether you are married or single. Retreat alumni continue to report transformed relationships and greater peace in the face of major, major challenges in life.

For the first time:

For the first time in the U.S., we’ve also developed a 3-Day Body+Soul Camp and it will take place in Pennsylvania! You can’t imagine how grateful we are to host this one. Two women who read the blog have volunteered their time, services, AND THEIR FARM in Pennsylvania for this event! We’ll be on a gorgeous 140-acre property, 90 minutes from Washington D.C./Baltimore. In addition to our Love Classes, the event will include meditation, yoga, reflexology, reiki, meals by a professional vegan chef, abundant summer fruits and vegetables from local organic/natural farms, walks on the farm with Danny & Mara (AND A GOAT, who loves to go on walks with people! 🙂 It will be a true experience for the body & soul. So gather some girl friends or boy friends or your spouses/partners – and let’s have a summer experience of a lifetime. And yes, we will have a bon fire. And we will be eating S’mores with homemade marshmallows!!

Returning due to extremely positive outcomes

Of course, our 7-Day Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador remains THE TOP experience we offer, with a full 7-days of healing/cleansing food and healing experiences. So we can’t not host another event while we are still in Ecuador. Not to mention, our spiritual healer is there leading yoga, meditation, and healing experiences. She is one of my favorite spiritual healers I’ve met and it’s an honor to have her work with you as you start on a new path to healing. We have continued to host these 7-Day retreats in Ecuador because they are a REFUGE and a RESET and they have had the most powerful life changing, transformative affects on so many lives. SEE LOADS OF TESTIMONIALS HERE.

Early Bird Discounts:

We have added early bird pricing to each event. Go take a look. We hope this will help more people to come. 

Connection & Growth:

I’m excited to see what unfolds. And mostly I’m excited to meet more of you and teach you tools that can lead to more wholeness and self-worth, happier marriages & relationships, and therefore more energy for compassion and love in this world.

Going to an event like this is stepping into the arena. It’s doing something outside of the norm. It’s being seen and heard. It’s celebrating connection with a community you align with. It’s declaring that you are ready to try new things. Thank you for being in the arena with us. It is the greatest honor of our lives to be a part of this. We will do everything we can to make it worth your time!

All our love,

Mara & Danny

P.S. Would you consider sharing our EVENT PAGE on blogs and social media, or inviting a few friends to attend with you? We need help in spreading the word. It’s our dream to bring our message to more people far and wide. Thank you! XOXO

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  1. Anonymous February 2, 2016 at 6:29 pm - Reply

    I am contemplating attending a one-day retreat. I completely respect your price points and am confident that the 1-day workshop would be well worth the cost. However, as my disposable income is currently on the smaller side, I wanted to ask a few questions to help me decide on to make the best use of my disposable income.

    1) What percentage of the 1-day retreat is "sharing among guests/guest discussion" vs planned-talks by the two of you?

    2) How large are the 1-day events in terms of number of guests?

    3) You have mentioned the possibility of online classes. Any idea on the time frame and price point?

    Thank you.

    • mara February 2, 2016 at 7:05 pm - Reply

      1) 95-99% of the retreat is workshops and experiences led by Danny & I. We most certainly welcome questions and comments from the guests as we go along and as people seek to understand things fully – and that will just depend on the group. So we address those questions as we go along. But that is optional and there isn't a set section just for sharing or guest discussion. People are not pressured to share anything ever. Sharing is always optional.

      We do like group discussions, however. But for the 1-day events especially, there just won't be time as we will be on a tighter schedule. We want to provide as much of the content as possible during the one day. We can do individual mentoring with people as needed after those retreats. (Also, during registration, there is an option to request an overnight at the Airbnb if that option is available, and that would include additional mentoring with Danny & I. The price for the accommodations and time on that would be $200 extra.) As for the Body+Soul Camps – there is more time padded within the workshops for group sharing and guest discussion/Q&A (and people do love this part as they begin to get to know each other and bond with each other and feel more comfortable). And there is also way more free time around meals and in the evenings when Danny and I can discuss things deeply with people individually.

      We do have a few activities (3) at the 1-Day events in which people experience some of the concepts we are speaking about. And they do involve optional participation. But no one needs to share anything personal with the group. It's also ok to sit out on those activities. But I'll say that most people – even the ones who have anxiety or fears or nervousness coming in have done very, very well and have said they looooved the experiences and everything about it. We try our very best to make every person very comfortable. We don't want anyone to feel uneasy. The Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador has quite a few more of these types of experiential activities.

      2) This is the first time we've offered the 1-day events. Last year we offering 2-day events at a higher price point. Our group size in various cities was approx. 6-18. We do hope that our group size this time is somewhere between 10-20. But it's hard to say. So far, we have a good handful sign up in the last few days so we’re hopeful for a good turnout.

      3) The online classes will be a massive production and we are moving in that direction full force. But we’re working on creating a new website and more before we launch those classes. We are actively working with our team on all of this. I don’t have a launch date yet for the classes – but it will likely be much later – likely into next fall as a minimum. And the price point will be less than our live events. Ball park $150.

      Thanks again for the questions!! And ALSO – we'd be happy to have people pay a portion each month if that makes it more doable.

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