Exciting Orphanage Update

Do you know that feeling when you meet someone and they just exude so much LIGHT that it just makes your heart pound with awe and that feeling of being loved?

That is what happens when you’re in the presence of this woman, the Director of Hogar Miguel Leon Orphanage. They call her “Madre.” And she’s a joyful woman of love and service.

She knows that our blog community is helping to raise money for the orphanage. 🙂 And she will be EXTREMELY pleased to find out that so far, you generous friends have raised $2,055!! And since Danny and I are now matching up to $2,400, we’re currently looking at $4,110 for the orphanage!!!

Diane Lenz, who started a non-profit to help and is a lifeline to those girls, said:

“This is a gift from God! We are thrilled beyond words!”

It is such an honor for us to join in love and giving with all of you. THANK YOU for sending donations to help empower and educate these girls. THANK YOU for doing your shopping through our links so we can donate even more.

And, the girls gave us these little dolls as a thank you. I wish I could send one to all of you who are helping. But please consider this little photo a token of gratitude from the girls.

Action So Far…

-The shoe buying for the girls is in the works. The nuns are gathering the shoe sizes. I’ll keep you posted on that as well as the sweatsuits for the elderly women.

-And TODAY, Danny and I will be representing you all by doing the grocery shopping for 100 people so they all can have a nutritious lunch tomorrow on Saturday with foods other than rice and potatoes. They look forward to that Saturday meal all week long. Meals like this are made possible because of your donations. So THANK YOU!! And wish us luck buying food for 100. That will be a first for us. 🙂

This Holiday Service Project for our blog community here will continue until Dec. 31st! So there’s plenty of time to join in. 

I’ll be posting a few more updates along the way. 

With all our love,

Mara & Danny

P.S. Here are the coded shopping links again. By buying through our site, we’ll get a small commission which will be donated 100% to the orphanage. XO

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  1. M November 20, 2015 at 11:46 pm - Reply

    "Do you know that feeling when you meet someone and they just exude so much LIGHT that it just makes your heart pound with awe and that feeling of being loved?" Yep! I know that feeling well. It's the feeling I got when I met you and Danny in SF. And six months later, the feeling is still inside of me. And not only that, I've been sharing my LIGHT too, hoping the people I cross paths with are feeling "it" too. Congrats on this service project. Love it!

    • mara November 21, 2015 at 3:02 am - Reply

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can feel your Light all the way across the world. There is nothing better that I could read. So much love to you, dear friend. XOXO (P.S. Danny and I both with so much that we could cross paths again somehow.)

  2. linsey November 21, 2015 at 2:15 am - Reply

    What wonderful news guys, thank you for doing it and for inviting us to be a part. Don't you wish Carolyn was there to help you shop for 100 people!? 🙂 xoxo

    • mara November 21, 2015 at 3:07 am - Reply

      Ah, THANK YOU Linsey!!! And thanks for your generosity and support.
      And oh gosh, our dear Carolyn is like 5 women in one and yes, it would have been a dream to be walking the aisles with her today. The whole experience took me back to all our Costco runs. Except today no Costco. 🙂

  3. Kristin Rasmussen November 24, 2015 at 2:15 am - Reply

    This whole project just brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your goodness and for all that you are doing!! Much love!!

  4. rubrides December 28, 2015 at 10:54 am - Reply

    You make a lot of good for this world

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