22 October 2015

On a High After Our TENTH Retreat

Deep, deep beauty and connection is out there, my friends.

Deep healing at the root is available.

Connecting unforgettably and being vulnerable with near strangers, let alone loved ones, is possible.

Feeling more self contentment (and even JOY) is possible, no matter what your conditioning.

Forgiving and releasing anger and negativity and allowing more light to dwell within you is possible.

Tapping into your inner power, your self worth, and your SPIRIT is possible.

I know this for a fact. 

I've seen it time and time again - in myself and in our retreat guests and blog readers.

It. is. real.

It is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

Transformation is not brain surgery, you know.

Sometimes we think it is.

And we complicate things terribly.

And we feel stuck by our past conditioning and beliefs.

Or we believe we need extraordinary skills or luck or we need someone else to change or provide something for us.

But I believe anyone can make a change on some level if you have the desire.

If you've had enough of the old way, that is.

It IS possible to make a shift.

It IS possible to choose and feel happiness...


There is hope for you, too.

The tools and skills we teach are WORKING for people right and left.  :)

The more we teach our unique message, the more Alexandra uses her spiritual and energetic healing techniques, and the more Tony inspires people to give love to their bodies, the more I am completely confident to the moon and back that it all WORKS. I don't say that lightly. :)

And so, what is a girl to do?

Work her butt off to continue this work. 

I like keeping you in the loop. But it makes me feel vulnerable, actually, because, well, I COULD FAIL, you know! And perhaps then it would have been better to have not put my dreams out there at all. I could just move along as if I intended to all along. Yes, that would be easier.

But instead, here you go: we still plan to give this endeavor all we've got. This next phase will be more behind-the-scenes while we put together a team to build a new website. But I have renewed hope to get more life changing retreats on the calendar in 2016! They are just too good.

Also, since I enjoy this work so much and want it to continue so badly, oh, it's dangerous. Do you know how easy it is to put this on a pedestal? And then feel self doubt or feel fear or impatience or do or say negative things if that pedestal doesn't come through for me? Or when we're 10 steps behind? So, as I always try to do - I realign and realign with virtue. Gratitude if this works. Hope if it doesn't. Compassion for myself if I fail. Patience for our weaknesses and slowness. Forgiveness for others who fail me. Love for all those involved. Love for all of you. That is the ONLY way this will happen.

It is virtue that started this blog and carried it for four years. 

And it is virtue that will carry it forward. 

I'm doing my best to carry that banner.

With Love, 


P.S. SKYPE MENTORING IS AVAILABLE! We teach how to CHOOSE HAPPINESS even if you feel stuck and how to LIVE WITH A LOVE MINDSET despite heartbreak or disappointment. People are really, really loving it and say it makes a huge difference and brings massive relief as they're working through life!! Some do just one session. Some do once a week for a few weeks. Either way, we try to give you our best. If it is not of value to you, we offer a full refund within 24 hours. 


  1. Mara! This is perfect. I believe in you and your message! And I love that group selfie.

  2. Oh, Mara, I'm right there with you when it comes to feeling as though putting it 'out there' would make failure or disappointment so much more painful. But! We need good people doing good things. We need as much of it as we can get...which means, the risk is important and sacred and valuable, in and of itself. I'm rooting for you and Danny and this beautiful endeavor. xoxox

  3. I love the message to realign the default negativity/insecurity with a virtue. It's such an important discipline.

  4. You are such a strong, vibrant lady! :) I am grateful to know you through your blog. You have so much to offer the world.


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