05 October 2015

2 Love Wall Delights

From Helen McLaughlin, currently traveling the U.S. via motorhome:

"Since July, I've embraced a mobile lifestyle and am traveling with my fiancé in a motorhome all over the United States. But, when I saw your Love Wall post, I knew I had to show you my equivalent. ;-)

You and Danny are a source of light and joy in this world. I love how you're showing up every day, and I'm grateful to you both for using your voices in this way.

Attached is a picture of my 'love wall' from my apartment-living days (just a few months ago, really!). I was living in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the time and I used the front of my fridge as a rotating exhibit of love artifacts from family and friends. You'll spy a couple of funny or poignant postcards that helped me through particularly tough times; tickets from showings of Chocolat and Roman Holiday that I saw with friends at the old "movie palace" in town; a star ornament my dad bought me during Christmas shopping in Manhattan one year, under the condition that I always remember that day; a receipt from a Valentine's outing with my closest girlfriends ("Galentine's"); nearly every fortune I've ever gotten from a fortune cookie; and the love list goes on and on. Even though I'm in a home on wheels now, we still manage to find space to hang up the bits and bobs that remind us how loved we are...and how much we love each other."

Sending love to you both,
Helen McLaughlin
Writer & Curiosity Coach | Weekly Findings
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From Maria, in Chicago:

"Here is my love fridge! On it are wedding save the dates, birth announcements, christmas cards and travel photos from all those near and dear to me. It brings such joy to look at those faces who I love and who love me so well each day! Perhaps I should reorganize a bit but it's hard to remove anything. One of my friends is a great adventurer, at each location she sends me a post card. I have gotten them from South Africa, Brazil, the Grand Canyon, the Dalton Highway/Alaska and Paris all in the last couple years. I collect a magnet from each place I travel- a couple of my favorites being Charleston, SC, Austin, TX, and Vienna, Austria! My husband is also from Ireland so our love fridge is littered with photos and magnets from our adventures on the little green island!

Thanks for all you do. I'm sorry I missed your Chicago visit this summer, but we were honeymooning in Ireland! I also think you need to keep Pip and Rue as siblings for sweet Sila!"

With Love and Thankfulness!



Thank you so much to these wonderful women! It's so fun to see a peek into your lives.

Have you made a Love Wall? I welcome any more pics. Send them my way. If you'd like, feel free to tell about one or two items. And let us know where you're from!  XOXO


  1. Mara & Danny, thanks so much for featuring my Love Wall. What a treat to see my old fridge as I sat down to breakfast this morning. I've been grinning, ear to ear. :-) Big love to you both. xx

  2. Happy Monday Mara and Danny! So fun to see others love walls! @wondering Helen, i love all your animals included on your love wall! hope you saved a few for when you return from your motorhome adventure!

    1. Hi, Maria! Aren't those animals great?! I cut them out of a magazine feature on Stephanie Housley, the creator of Coral & Tusk. They're photos of her little embroidered pillow creatures—so gorgeous and whimsical. And yes, I totally packed them away for when we return. ;-) Lots of love to you. xx

  3. Happy Monday Mara and Danny! So fun to see others love walls! @wondering Helen, i love all your animals included on your love wall! hope you saved a few for when you return from your motorhome adventure!

  4. Mara, Love your blog! Just got diagnosed with mono and am wondering if you have had any experience with it. You seem to know everything about health! Haha so I decided to ask you!

    1. Hello -ha, I do try to learn a lot about health - though I don't have any experience with mono. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I hope it passes soon.


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