03 September 2015

Where Did You Get That?

At the last retreat, we were all in love with some Birkenstocks that one of the women was wearing. They were just way too cool and the black and white had a modern edge. And the woman was seriously cool, too, so we couldn't help but want her shoes. She's a salon owner from Brooklyn, who lives in Sunset Park and had the raddest hair. :)

I've been wanting to get some Birkenstocks (it's been over two decades). Perhaps they could help re-align my feet after so many years of wearing heels and narrow flats up and down the NYC subway.

XO, Mara

P.S. When I went to look up these exact Birkenstocks, I couldn't find them. And then I saw them in the men's section at Need Supply (which has a gorgeous curation of shoes.) So, you might need to buy men's shoes! Also, here are some really great women's Birkenstocks, too. 


  1. Birkenstocks are really popular in London and I bought myself a pair this summer and I have to admit I felt like an old lady at first, but they are comfy for city walking and obviously so easy to slip on and off.

    1. haha. I know, right? They're a unique mix of cool, monk, old lady, hippy, hipster, practicality, and comfort. I don't quite know which one I would fit into these days. :)


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