Thank You For Being A Part of This

Here are some new retreat testimonials that just came in.
I can’t help but share them with you because YOU – every single one of you – has played a part in helping these retreats to happen. Do you have any idea?! I really mean that. This blog and the retreats would not have happened without the support, comments, emails, and readership from all of you over the last four years. Thank you for being here. And now see what you’ve played a part in doing…

“There is little that can be added to the amazing and beautifully written testimonials that have already been shared, but I’ll certainly try. I went into the retreat knowing I would be given the opportunity to step away from the daily grind, pause, and reflect on my life and for that I’m truly grateful. What was more impactful to me, however, was what was to come after the retreat. Danny & Mara teach in one of their classes to “ask” for the opportunity to put what we learned into action, as that is the only way we can truly know if we’re taking steps in the direction we are hoping to head in. Little did I know that so much of my world as I knew it would be considerably different only weeks upon returning from the retreat and I would have a significant opportunity to truly put the lessons and tools I left Ecuador with into good use. The ability to handle life’s hardest situations with grace, love, and mercy is a priceless gift that Danny and Mara shared with me and I will always be grateful to them for their wisdom and guidance they so humbly make available to us all! 

-Marisa A.

Guest at Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador

“Going to the two day retreat was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. For so many years I’ve struggled with past hurts, current sadnesses, and an unknown future and from the very first time I read Mara and Danny’s blog I felt as if they had the tools that I’ve needed all along. After talking and learning from them in person, I felt hope and excitement for the future (knowing that it’s going to take time and much effort to get to where I want to be). One thing that I think is the best part of it is that I felt completely loved and accepted by these two people that I had never met. I’ve never had that experience in my entire life. It truly is a very powerful and beautiful experience and I can’t recommend it enough.” 


Guest on the U.S. Tour

“Danny and Mara were the most wonderful retreat hosts. Their presence spoke love and peace. The entire room radiated joy. I had already been on my spiritual journey of really seeking to love myself and choose happiness before attending their retreat, but the insights I gained while with them were invaluable! The way ideas and principles were presented, although not new, were presented in a way that just made everything click for me! I will be forever grateful to Danny and Mara for the gift they are giving to the world and for the blessing it was to attend their retreat. Their love and example has made me a better person!”


Guest on the U.S. Tour
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  1. Sarah September 5, 2015 at 7:20 pm - Reply

    I am so so hoping that you all do another US tour. I thought you posted somewhere that you were considering it. I told my husband today that I would love to go to one with him and was totally on board! we are in Maryland so I'm rooting for somewhere around Baltimore or in Pennsylvania 😉 I have been reading your blog since 2011 and have thought on the things you talk about a lot over the past four years as my husband did a grueling residency and now as we have recently moved. I would so love the chance to meet you and learn even more!

  2. emma September 14, 2015 at 11:54 pm - Reply

    Love all that you're doing Mara – and especially that you're wonderful enough to share it with us all. I'm hoping to come to a retreat one day and am interested in what Kami and her partner did with their child during this time. Did they arrange a babysitter to come along. Trying to figure out logistics 🙂

    • mara September 15, 2015 at 2:51 am - Reply

      Emma – thank you SO very much! This means the world.
      It's always wonderful to hear that someone would like to come to a retreat. We'd be SO EXCITED to have you.

      The couple that brought their child decided to take turns doing the yoga/meditation/classes, etc. Their daughter joined us all for meals and a few things. It was such a joy to have her there! Also, baby-sitting is available, too. The staff there is truly so lovely and trustworthy. If you went that route, you'd need the baby-sitter for about 1.5 hours in the morning. Then maybe 2 hours in the afternoon. And on some days, an additional separate hour in the afternoon. You could also bring a baby-sitter if you preferred.

      XO, Mara

      p.s. so sorry I didn't respond to this right away!! The comment got stuck in the system here.

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