02 September 2015

Love Is In The Air: 5 Ideas For Keeping The Spark Alive

I have more of these... :) 

Sweat. Walk. Run.
Time each other running a distance. (This is our new thing.)
Race each other. Dance cardio on Youtube. Play frisbee. Train for a 5/10K/+
Let all that good, good energy flow,
with your heart pumping,
and your mind totally free.
Then time for a shower and...more exercise.  :)

Book a room somewhere.
Meet for lunch.
Prepare a special date with an unknown location.
Go on an "errand" and come home with all the ingredients for a picnic...
Or the car filled with gas for a surprise road trip.

Learn to be whole
in the presence of another person
(while naked, of course).
This is worth gold.
It allows for vulnerability and connection at it's finest!
In life and in the bedroom.

Envision it.
Be imaginative.
Think of it before seeing each other.
Tell your spouse you're thinking about it RIGHT NOW.

Play some hotty music that
will get you in the mood.
Do you dare share your favorites? haha.
(Justin Timberlake anyone?)

See the rest of this post series HERE.

And now go have an awesome Wednesday. :)

XO, Mara

1 comment:

  1. one thing more if I may add is cuddling together on the roof top in a moon lit sky


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