11 September 2015

Love Announcements

It's been lovely blogging for you all this week! I've loved it. This blog is such a huge part of our lives and I've loved connecting with you. I've loved feeling the community here again. THANK YOU!! XOXO

Also, September 11. Wow. This day is so close to my heart. What is surged in my mind forever is the unmistakable feeling of LOVE, COMMUNITY, HUMANITY, and CARE that existed in New York on that day. You could just see it on every person's face. Sending love to all my fellow New Yorkers who became family that day.

And, I just smile to know that this day is profound and memorable to me for another reason, too. I sent Danny the first email of our courtship on September 11(click the link to read the actual email :) We fell in love that very day. After a few emails, Danny said he sat back in his chair at the end of the day and said, "I'm probably going to marry this woman."  :)

Today, a few Love Announcements!

-This instagram feed makes me miss NYC so bad. These photos just seem to capture the heart of it. (The photos today are from this feed! Thanks, Russ Moorehead.)

-You'll be captivated by City.Ballet. It's a collection of mini (6 minute) documentaries about the extraordinary dancers in the NYC Ballet. I seriously can't wait to go to a ballet soon! I'm like an 8 year old still mesmerized by the dancers. Time to start wearing my hair in a French twist. haha. 

-Everyday Should be Email Debt Forgiveness Day. This article in the New Yorker hit home (hard). I feel the pain of unsent emails so deeply. Do you? I have some doozies.

-The 3-hour Mount Washington Cog Railway in New Hampshire sounds dreamy for seeing the fall foliage.

-When Your Sex Life Doesn't Follow the Script (Can anyone relate? Do you feel shame for having sex, or not having sex?)

-If I was in the states, I'd buy this $9.97 hat from Home Depot for my walks with Sila. I think it has some cute potential.

-Why I'm Glad I Got Over Dating a Guy That Was Shorter Than Me. Does dating a taller guy fix your insecurities? Worthwhile to think about it. I think there's something kind of hot about a tall woman and a short guy when both parties are completely confident about it.

-This moving company will help you move for FREE if you are leaving an abusive partner.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully it will include some LOVE. If not, you've got some from me.


(Awesome photographs today by our friend, Russ Moorehead, via Instagram)

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  1. I've loved your posts this week, but haven't had chance to comment yet. I totally relate to the feeling of being the only one and it's so unfair (which I know isn't true). Vulnerability can be so hard but SO worth it! Thanks for doing that on your blog! :)
    Is that mentoring sessions sale on until this Sunday??

    1. Hi dear Jordana! Thanks for the kind comment! And YES - the mentoring sessions are on sale until this Sunday night (midnight). You can book for the future though. You don't have to have the session by Sunday. Much love to you!

  2. The Cog Railway is fabulous! It's worth a road trip. Thank you for your posts this week. Longtime reader, infrequent poster. <3 Have a great weekend!

    1. So glad to hear that, Kelly! I'm glad you recommend it. And thanks for the kindness. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Mara I have been reading your blog for a few months now and love it. I am so grateful for your willness to be open with all of us. I just read some of your dating posts and wish so badly I could do a mentoring session with you and Danny but hopefully in the future! I am 27 and have had a slew of bad relationships or ones that just didn't work out and I am needing some help doing the healing for that. I am going back to school and trying to become more independent but doing that with low self worth feels impossible. It's like I don't even know who I am or what I want!


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