Love is in the Air: 5 Ideas for Keeping the Spark Alive

In honor of trying to keep things fun and exciting and light hearted in your marriage, here are…



Poor performance at work?
Not feeling confident in your body?
Feeling like a failure?
Not having time for yourself?
Eating like crap and then feeling like crap?
Feeling like your needs are not being met?
Not showered?
Work on addressing these issues. Things can be improved.
But most importantly…
in these circumstances, don’t expect your partner to turn you on.
It’s likely impossible if you are preoccupied with stress or not taking care of yourself.
Do some inner work, instead.
Learn how to be empowered and at peace *in* life’s crappy circumstances.
(Because crappy circumstances never end.)
This is key to feeling alive.
This is key to maintaining your wholeness.
And maintaining your desire is one huge bonus.  🙂 🙂


Make sexy interactions a part of your day;
a part of your life.
Little acts of intimacy go far.


Send a text.
Say you’re waiting.
Say you can’t wait.
It’s all a part of creating a healthy, fun, open environment.
And it’s so nice to not have to guess what the other is thinking.


It is then that you can miss each other and long for each other.
And let your mind wander.
And smile while you imagine being with each other again.
(these days we need to get creative with this one – we are together all the time. 🙂


It does not always have to be sex!
Mix it up:
Make-out on the couch like you were dating (seriously, try that one!)
Take a shower together.
Sleep naked.
Watch a movie and cuddle.
Hold hands on a walk, too.That’s it for now. Would you agree on any of these?


P.S. “Love is in the Air” is a little series we’re doing. See the rest of the series HERE.

(Photo above by the super talented Saydi Eyre Shumway, in Boston. 
She specializes in family photography and we HIGHLY recommend her!)


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  1. Anonymous April 13, 2015 at 3:51 pm - Reply

    I have a question about the retreats. Are you going to be doing this every year? I am looking at the Vermont one because that looks so awesome, but my husband and I already have a getaway all booked for this year. Please say you will do it again next year!

    • mara April 13, 2015 at 6:07 pm - Reply

      Hello! We *really* hope that we can continue doing these every year. We love doing it so much and people that have attended our events have given such great feedback, that it seems like a win win to continue. Of course this whole thing has to hinge on making this effort sustainable. We hope that part will work out and that we can continue! (Also, FYI-we do love working with Snapdragon so much that we really would love to go there once a year, whereas other cities would rotate each time we do a tour.)

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