24 April 2015

Love Announcements

Hello friends!

I hope the weekend has something wonderful in store for you!

On our end, I can't even believe I get to write this...but...

Tomorrow we are headed to The Galapagos!

We will soon celebrate our 5th Anniversary and it feels like a reason to do something special. The thought of going there feels so magical and exotic. Pinch me now. We are even meeting up with a dear friend from NYC, which will be so lovely. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE TORTOISES (apparently the size of Smart Cars)! AND BLUE FOOTED BOOBIES! AND BABY SEA LIONS! (A guest from the last retreat went to the Galapagos and she said the younger sea lions will play and flip and spin with you in the water!) Gosh. Seeing the animals excites me the most. We'll be doing a catamaran trip through the islands. And also staying at some properties on land. Pictures will be coming soon! 

Also, I just got my hair cut and colored here in Ecuador. My worst fears came true. The cut actually was passable (though not that great). But the color? Oh my!! I walked out with yellowish white tiger stripes. It is so, so bad. You can see a photo here. I pretty much feel humiliated. Tonight we will go see the Russian Royal Ballet perform here in Cuenca and I'm trying to figure out how I can wear a hat. And of course I can't wait to get photographed with this new 'do all over the Galapagos. :) Oh, hair. Of course this is my own doing. I'm thinking the wisest thing going forward will be to give up highlights altogether.

Today, a few Love Announcements:

-One guest is bringing her father to one of our retreats. Another (a retreat alum) is wanting to bring her mother. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Such a perfect gift. We can't wait to have such a meaningful life experience with everyone.

-The Great Saunter in Manhattan is taking place May 2. This is a group walk all the way around Manhattan. I totally want to do this someday. You may know how I love to walk.  :)

-This could be one of the COOLEST THINGS TO EVER HAPPEN (not really, of course, but...): Cheap, Danish design is coming to America! haha. Due to the recommendation of Brittany Watson Jepsen, we absolutely fell in love with this store, Tiger, while we were in Copenhagen. (Thanks to reader, Sally, for sharing this tip. She clearly knows my weakness for Danish design!)

-Danny made a ton of fruit leather for us to take to the Galapagos. We absolute LOVE our Excalibur dehydrator (Danny's parents brought it from the States when they visited us.) He used this recipe by GOOP and it was pretty much the easiest thing ever. He made strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana/lime, passion fruit, and papaya. And...his own invention, he added 2 Tablespoons of CHIA SEED to each batch. It adds a bit more fiber and nutrients, plus gives it a nice texture. Can't recommend it enough. It's like a dehydrated smoothie that you can take on the road.

-Reading is something I have hardly made time for - for years (sadly). So I started something new and it's totally working!!! I no longer take my phone into my bedroom - so there is no screen time before bed or after I wake. Instead, each morning, my plan is to reach for a book and read 1 or 2 chapters before I jump into the day. BEST THING EVER! It's so fun to anticipate this ritual. I'm loving it and flying through a book. Somehow reaching for my phone the moment I woke up never felt right to me. 

-Such an interesting article: Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes.

-This movie trailer for NOBLE looks so good. It comes out in May. Thanks, Lisa.

Happy Weekend everybody!

Much love,


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  1. My question about your hair is why do you even color it? I mean, you spend so much time talking about taking care of your body, using organic products, using green productsto clean the house and for make up, eating healthy, loving yourself as who you are. Why would you put so many chemicals in your hair (that go into your blood - the reason why it's not recommended to neither pregnant, nor breatfeeding women) to change a color knowing that you are just perfect as you are. I don't get it! Happy Fifth anniversary and have a great trip!

  2. Oy, the hair. I am so sorry. I know I'm supposed to say things like, "it's not that bad, I think it looks fine!" But when I have a cut that looks horrible, I think the only thing that makes it worse is having other people tell me the horribleness looks great on me! Anyway, since I have super dark hair I've never really done the professional color route (maybe that's not a think for us darkies, but it feels like it, I can't think of anyone with hair as dark as mine who does highlights and all that...I honestly wouldn't know what to ask for) so it's not like I really know what I'm talking about, but yeah even I can tell that was not good. I'm so sorry! But glad you have some good advice to take the color down a notch. And knowing you, you won't let it ruin an amazing vacation! Besides my hair is constantly in a bun/under a hat on tropical vacations anyway so there's always that! Have so much fun and can't wait to see the photos.

  3. I got a bad haircut a few weeks ago too, just a cut though as I don't color my hair (and never will! Too much upkeep and money for my liking!) but I feel your pain. Bad cuts are the worst especially when you take a photo and the cut doesn't look like it at all--like my hair cut too. I was pretty bummed about it for a few days and then I told myself ,"it's only hair, it'll grow back soon enough" and haven't spent too much time thinking about it since then :) you still look as beautiful as ever in my opinion and maybe you'll be able to laugh about it in a few days? At least it's great timing because your incredible vacation will help you take your mind off it :)


  4. I gave up highlights when I first got married and we were too poor. It's been a relief and I've really grown to love my natural color. In the meantime- it's like Miggy said, a great chance to wear your favorite hats!

  5. Sorry about your bad hair color experience :(. I have to say though, it makes this blog a little more relatable for me. I've been a long time reader and I do what I can to use natural products and be green, but I am for sure restricted a lot by income. So the fact that you are using normal ol' hair bleach makes me smile. I though, what, she's not using a natural, earth friendly product on her locks developed by a local artist? Who is this Mara ;)? And I mean that in a funny nice way :). I love your blog and love that you use bleach!! xoxo, Patience

  6. Hi ! Just wanted to chime in to address a reader that wrote. The comment is not one I will publish. But she was very upset and thought it was very shameful that I only paid $100 for 4 hours at a salon down here. I just want to make it clear to anyone reading that prices (for just about everything) are SIGNIFICANTLY less than what they are in the states. Ecuador is still considered a third world country and the economy is just so different here. It is seriously like living in the 1950s. A 3 course lunch at a restaurant is $2.50. It is 25 cents to ride the bus. Rent for huge houses are about $350-$550. Taxis are about $2. Anyway, $100 for a hair cut and color is actually on the very highest end here, even though that would be unheard of in the states. The prices are actually a huge reason we came here. It was a sacrifice to leave a home and friends and a city that we love, but coming here allows us to work on this blog effort.

  7. Oh Mara, you weren't kidding about the tiger stripes huh?

    Love the reading habit. Have you joined Goodreads? It's a great online hub to keep track of books read and set reading goals, and the best bit is you can see what your friends are reading, and we can see what you are reading!

    Noble movie looks great. I probably won't actually watch it myself as I will find it too emotional but I have read both of Christina Noble's book. She does great work in the world!


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