17 March 2015

The Second Annual Love Limerick!

from Danny

Why is it so fun to write limericks?  There's something about their simple and delightful cadence, so playful and child-like, writing and reading them just makes you smile.  Or at least it does me.  

So, following on last year's Love Limerick, I've written a few more:  

My one-eyed cute little buddy
Does not like to get one bit sudsy
She runs and she hides
On wet tiles she collides
But after she's soft and so cuddly

My two-eyed beautiful girl
Said "Retreats? Let's give those a whirl!"
Now daily we plan
for events in all lands
It's enough to make my head swirl

In Cuenca, a man lives named Tony
with raw foods, this man is no phony
spend one week with him
you'll probably get slim
You'll look and feel great, no baloney!

If you've never worked with a healer 
- A powerful woman, a dreamer - 
There's this Alex I know
Puts on quite a show
After, you'll be a believer

Now it's your turn.  I'm serious here, I want to see some great entries this year!  For anyone who for sure wants to put a smile on their face today, or chuckle a little bit in their cubicle....get those limerick gears turning inside your brain and let out the joy in the comments below!

Happy St. Patricks Day!


  1. This couple, the Kofoeds, are so sweet.
    They wrote letters before they did meet.
    Now they blog all the day
    And love, work and play.
    I'd love to meet them on a retreat.


    1. Ah hah! See I knew it would make you smile!

      Hope to see you soon :)

  2. I loved this last year. Yay for round two. This one is a love limerick about me fella.

    A girl named Bekah loved Nick
    He played guitar with a pick.
    He had the voice of an angel.
    She knew he would be faithful.
    And everything finally clicked.

  3. She picked her heart up from the floor
    Hopped on a plane to Ecuador
    8 days full of love
    Fit her like a glove
    And now she's a smiling for sure!


  4. Thanks to everyone who sent in a limerick!!! These really had us smiling all day. Seriously - thank you. Danny said he's glad I reminded him of his little tradition. We'll do it again next year. :)


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