09 March 2015

See the Dates for Our U.S. Tour!!

We have been working behind the scenes over here to create some truly outstanding events in the U.S. that you will just LOVE and that will also give you CONCRETE TOOLS to transform your life and transform your current or future relationships. Yes, I said transform. That is what happens when people apply the messages we teach. 

We will soon launch many more details about the events. But today I wanted to give you the dates so you could mark your calendars as early as possible... 

Windsor, VT: May 28-31

Chicago, IL: June 2-3

Salt Lake City, UT: June 12-13

San Francisco, CA: June 22-23

Phoenix, AZ: June 26-27

Brooklyn, NY: July 2-3

It will be our absolute pleasure to meet you and connect in real life.

Much love,


(Photo by Tiffany Talbott at Body+Soul Camp. We had just nearly finished 12 separate mentoring hikes with our 12 guests! I'll never forget those amazing hikes. We had so much love for our guests and to connect with them like that in the Andes was unreal.)


  1. You're on my calendar!!!! I'm so excited.

  2. Wish you could squeeze Southern California in there between SF and Phoenix.

    Claremont is a beautiful little town... :-)

  3. Hey you guys--we're going to be in SLC at the same time. Because I'll be visiting family/friends with all 3 kiddos in tow (and sans husband for most the trip) I'm not sure I'll be able to get away for an event as I'm already going to ALT----BUUUUUT, please tell me you're coming to Alt? That would be amazing to meet up as you know I'm a bit of a ABAL fan girl. :)

    1. Ah! I forgot to even check the Alt dates! I didn't realize our event was at the same time. oops. We didn't plan to go to Alt this year. But there is a chance we can pull it off next January. We love, love the Alt community. And know that we're major Miggy fans, too. :)

  4. Come to Denver and host a hiking session in the Rocky Mountains! I've been following your blog for a little over two years and have found your advice to be helpful, uplifting and just so spot on!!!

    1. Thank you for this shout out! We would looove to come to Denver. It is our intention to do another U.S. Tour sometime after this first one and Denver is already on the list. :) And yes, a hike in the Rockies sounds INCREDIBLE!

  5. What will you do with Sila when you do the tour? Will she be joining?

    1. Oh my, I hate to even think about this part. We want to take her so dang bad, but we'll be going on so many flights that we just couldn't do that to her. We have some good caretakers in Cuenca. But oh how we will miss her!

  6. DANG IT! I am so so so bummed! The time you are in Phoenix, I will be heading to Utah to get my Little Dude from his dads. UGH!

    Other than not being able to meet you in person, this looks INCREDIBLE!

    Way to go!

  7. Can I get more information on what this is and how much it costs? I would love to go to either the NY one or the SLC one and I want to know how to sign up! I love your blog--Ive been reading it for almost a year now!!




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