13 March 2015

Love Announcements

This week I have been especially humbled, amazed, and grateful for this incredible community here. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support, notes, and donations this week!! Every single one has been beyond kind - we really just can't believe it. We're working non-stop around here on all the new initiatives (planning, writing, coordinating our upcoming events, booking venues and vendors, making spreadsheets galore, staying up late, emailing like crazy, getting some new event pages designed). But it's all been incredibly exciting. (photo by Tiffany Talbott)

And, a few Love Announcements:

-At 9:30 pm the night before our Body + Soul Camp, I got this email:
"So happy I just found this retreat....Exactly what I need right now! I am aware that I am last minute. Is there 1 spot available? I am in Ecuador right now and could be in Otavalo early tomorrow morning. I look forward to your reply."
I just about died! I couldn't believe it! This dear woman did come to the retreat. And it truly was exactly what she needed - she loved every minute of it. It felt like a miracle that she was able to come. She and her husband (from Switzerland) are now staying with us for several weeks in Cuenca. They have been traveling from Canada to South America in this super rad camper. And we're just so happy to have them stay with us awhile before they continue their journey to Argentina. 

-One of our long time readers here just wrote me. She is opening a cafe in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn called Stone Fruit and it is seriously up my alley. You can see this video here where she explains how freaking awesome her vision is. Laura says all the food will be farm-to-table, crazy tasty, and healthy! And their menu will offer lots of vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and paleo options. (Yes, please!) I just LOVE what she's doing. In fact, we are planning to collaborate together for our Brooklyn event in July. You can also support her Kickstarter campaign if you'd like!

-I made these Raw Brownie Bites recently. And holy smokes! I mean - these are no joke. We're talking dates, raw cacao, walnuts, vanilla, and sea salt (I also added some cinnamon). They are so off-the-charts and gooey that you wouldn't believe it. It's like eating chocolate caramel. I'm convinced regular ol' white flour, white sugar, butter, and chocolate chip brownies no longer need to exist! via Paleo Grubs

-I just ADORE these key tags by Various Projects. There are so dang many to choose from! These would be a fun little gift for a friend or partner. via Design Sponge.

-I spotted these fruit and vegetable prints and had to share. They're from Plant Planet and the artist sells on Etsy. So, so beautifully done! Time to go make a smoothie! (via Abby Low's instagram)

That's all for today.

As always, thanks for the great discussions and comments on the posts this week. I feel our comment section is one of the best things about this blog.

Until next week,



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  1. So fun to see their cute car at your home!

  2. Hey just wondering when we can get more details to sign up for your events...I want to make sure to get a spot!

    1. Thanks for asking! We are getting SO close to sharing all the details! Because we have so many events launching all at once, we are actually having a new event page set up. Can't wait to share it with you all.

  3. Hi Mara,

    I'm currently going through a painful breakup, and I'm really identifying with the self worth posts you've been discussing. I feel very lost- and like I don't know who I am outside of a relationship. I think I rely on my relationship to make me feel good about myself, and make me feel loved. I require a lot of attention and love from my partner and when he was too busy or preoccupied, would feel rejected and sad. Plainly written, I don't think I love myself very much, or know who I am, what I want to be, etc. I've focused so much on wanting to be loved when I'm not in a relationship that I settle for the first person who decides he will. I want to learn to love myself, and hold myself worthy of true, lasting love.

    that said, I'm very interested in attending the next retreat that you host. you said late summer...will it be in ecuador still?


    1. Krista, it would be amazing to have you attend. I can tell you with confidence that the experience would be a perfect fit for what you described! We are working on confirming everything for the next retreat (Body + Soul Camp). The date is tentative for Aug. 2-8 in Otavalo, Ecuador. We will have some shorter 2 day events prior to that in the states in June and July. And one 4 day overnight event in May in Vermont. These will be incredible experiences as well and will be more like mini retreats. But for what you described, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Body+Soul Camp in Ecuador. This is hands down the most thorough, deepest, all encompassing experience that covers healing from every angle - the body, mind, and spirit. We will be launching a new event page very soon with all the registration details. It would be an honor to have you and to be a part of your healing journey in some way.


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