23 February 2015

Simply In Awe

We did it!! It feels so, so good.

The retreat came to an end last week.

And it's safe to say it was one of the best weeks of our lives. We are still beaming and glowing due to the amazing human experience that it was.

We will share more details soon. But today, do you want to hear what I said to Danny on the last night?

Here you go. It was a moment when we all could have the opportunity to speak and share gratitude with each person. This is what I said to Danny (he recorded it!)

Much love to all,


P.S. We can't not do everything in our power to host another Body + Soul Camp. It simply must go on. It's that good. Stay tuned for dates. Pssst....very likely late summer.  :) :)


  1. So happy to hear you are planning to do another retreat! I was SO sad that I wasn't able to meet this one, but am 100% planning to be there for the next one. I can almost make anything work, as long as I know long enough in advance to block my work calendar. So I'll be anxiously awaiting the details of the next one :-)

    1. Sarah - this is the best news!! We'll be DELIGHTED to have you! Can't wait! :)

    2. Sarah, as a freshly-returned participant of the retreat I can guarantee you it is more than worth the investment to go!

      And Danny & Mara, I loved hearing that recording! The voices and the music in the background took me right back to it all. One of the best weeks of my life too. You two are a mighty team and as genuinely good as they come. Love you!

    3. Shannon!! As I think of you and all the others, it's like my heart is so full I can't contain it anymore. :) Thank you for this note. What I would give to zap back to that week and do it all again. Especially that last night. Unbelievable. I'll remember it for a lifetime. Sending you so much love. How thankful I am to know you.

    4. Shannon, thanks so much for the input! I'm so excited about the opportunity.

      Mara, so grateful you are planning on doing it again. So so so grateful.

  2. Wow, that made me tear up. Your open heart and gratitude towards Danny...and his love toward you. Thanks for sharing that moment.


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