13 January 2015

My New Organic Lipstick Obsession

Each trip to the states involves stocking up on things we need (more like want.)

This time lipstick made it on my list.

I have been using the organic lipsticks from Ilia for a while and I LOVE them. The colors are so amazing and I love the texture.

I stopped into Shen Beauty on Court Street (the mecca in Brooklyn for all natural beauty products. They also ship) and I saw that Ilia has a new color: CRIMSON & CLOVER.

It seems to be the perfect mix of bright red and bright pink (that is my favorite kind of red these days.) It definitely made my holiday outings in Brooklyn nice and bright.

TIP: You can also take your favorite red lipstick and your favorite hot pink lipstick and mix them. Every time I do that people are like...WHAT ARE YOU WEARING??

Note: I'd say these Ilia lipsticks are a little expensive, but they have cleaner ingredients (a must for me these days!) and the color is so strong that they seem to last forever.


P.S. The truth is I feel so dang straggly down here in South America. We are traveling and hiking and in general I try to keep a low profile, which means less red lipstick. So it's really a treat when I wear it. I'll be probably wearing it non-stop at the retreat. And I'll probably get my nails done just to feel put together for once!


  1. You're just stunning, Mara!

    Adding Ilia lipstick to my list. Just transitioned to natural hair products (DevaCurl), natural concealer and blush (Tarte), and natural eyeliner (Gabriel) and mascara (Mineral Fusion). All of this transition was inspired by you, actually. I realized I wanted to use products that I didn't have to worry about -- spending more money on good stuff is a small price to pay, in my opinion.

    Also? I think it's awesome that you'll be wearing lipstick at the retreat. :-D I'm a fan of lipstick-wearing at unexpected times (over morning coffee, while jogging, during solo dance parties in my kitchen). xx

    1. Helen, your note made me so darn happy. To think my blog inspired you to go all natural is pretty cool. Certainly people inspired me, too. I guess it's nice to pass it on.

  2. Gorgeous! You're right, it is the perfect blend of red and pink! Really love it.

  3. I love hearing about organic products. Glad to read this post!

  4. I LOVE Ilia's Crimson and Clover! It's one of my favorites. But I love all Ilia products.


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