09 January 2015

Love Announcements

It's about time I have some Love Announcements around here!!

These are just things I love or things I want to share.

-Sila is OBSESSED with this elephant rope toy that we brought for her. We're calling it Ellie. via the Jax & Bones collection on Amazon.

-Danny and I came home late from a date night movie recently and wanted a treat. THIS CHOCOLATE MILK SHAKE freaking hit the spot! Totally healthy, too. We had it again the next day for breakfast. And then again, and again. via The Spunky Coconut

-7 countries where Americans can study at universities FOR FREE (I'd love to go to any of them.) via Washington Post.

-My friend, Linsey Laidlaw, is a designer AND a peg board genius. Women all over Brooklyn were asking her how she did her peg board, so she wrote a post about it with step by step instructions. She even inspired my sister and I to do some pegboards for the children while I was in Brooklyn and it was SO gratifying. It literally transformed their apartment! :) Add peg boards to your list for 2015! More like...DO IT THIS WEEKEND! [See my niece's new pegboard here. And yes, follow us over there on Facebook while you're at it :) And pin the crap out of Linsey's peg board because it is life changing, I tell you!]

-Here is a better way to introduce your friends! I like this a lot.

-One of our awesome readers runs a site all about women finding meaningful work. It's called Happy and Heart Working. I love her interviews with women who are working and happy. So inspiring. I think we can't get enough of this message. (Growing up, the only women I knew who worked were doing so out of desperation. I never got the impression that they were doing meaningful work nor loving their low paying jobs.)

-Wouldn't it be great to have more honesty in dating? Yes, PLEASE. Here are 15 Ways to Put an End to the Dating Game!

-I want to shop at this grocery store in Berlin - - they don't have ANY packaging!!

Happy Weekend!!

(And thanks for all the kind notes this week. It's been a fun week of blogging. :)


  1. Not directly related to this post, but perhaps you'd want to share this story with your readers in a blog post: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/jan/09/koala-mittens-needed-to-help-bushfire-victims-with-burnt-paws?CMP=fb_gu

    Because who wouldn't want to MAKE MITTENS FOR KOALA BEARS with burned paws??! Too cute!

    1. oh my goodness...poor little buddies. Thanks for sending.

  2. Speaking of Sila, the Washington Post just published a recipe and instructions for homemade dog food. So much better than dry kibble!

    1. I meant to really thank you for this.... THANK YOU! Such a good idea to make your own dog food. love it.


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