26 January 2015

Happy Winter Tips From Brooklyn Women

Guys, we are hanging out in 75 degree weather over here in Ecuador. It is NUTS. Especially when we see MAJOR SNOW (NY!!!) and FREEZING TEMPS popping up everywhere on line. 

So in honor of the WINTER we are missing, 
here are some pics from our magical winter in Norway last year. AND...some HAPPY WINTER TIPS to keep you active and sane during the cold months (brought to you by a bunch of Brooklyn women who collaborated one night at a church event.) 


Create a Work Coop--work with a friend/neighbor to accomplish tasks (closets, windows, painting, etc.)

Game Nights w/ friends

Tackle big projects in manageable pieces

Organize rooms

Dejunk your home

Book signing or other daily free event at bookstores, such as Strand

Movie Nights w/ friends

Get a massage in Chinatown

Talk Therapy - find a friend or family member to talk to instead of staying isolated

Read a good book or have a Read-a-thon

Take a free self-guided tour of the NY Public Library

Concert at the Met

Visit the Turkish Baths or a Korean Spa

Try new recipes

Make Fireplace or Stovetop S'mores

Poetry Slam

Go see a Broadway show

Host a 'Discussion Night' on a topic

Host an 'Article Club'

Sign up for a class

Book a hotel or cabin get-a-way

Go to a museum

Moth Story Slam

Buy new make-up and give yourself a makeover (maybe include a friend)

Visit an indoor ping pong club

Create Ambiance! -- Buy a fireplace dvd, use candles that remind your of happy times, lighting, lanterns, teas, cocoas, baking

First snow on the roof of the Oslo Opera House. 

Oslo! We found this sign right before our speaking engagement.

Unnur, one of our favorite Scandinavian women. She heard us speak in Iceland and then later arranged for us to speak in Norway.

I must say, this speaking event went so, so well and we met some incredible people. We were so grateful. People wanted to chat with us for hours after, so we didn't leave until midnight!


Exercise! (See what exercise does to me!)

Get a walking partner!

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Sledding in the park!

Walk through Central or Prospect Park after a snow (best thing ever)

Find a patch of sunlight everyday (get 15 min of sunlight a day)

Leave your office at least once or twice a day during full sun

Meet friends for lunch

Say hello to strangers while you are out 

Get thermals (my favorite), proper winter gear, and waterproof boots (my favorite)

Run to get laundry/dry cleaning

Shovel your stoop, then shovel the neighbor's stoop & watch your mood improve

Make a snowman

Find some stairs to climb

Sleigh ride in the country

Go ice skating

Join a gym

Make snow angels

Snow shoeing 

Cross country skiing at the park

The fish market in Bergen was amazing. We enjoyed peeled fresh shrimp and lemon on the harbor.

Danny enjoyed some Norwegian pancakes. And reindeer sausage!

The train ride through snowy Norway was so, so dreamy.

Our boat trip through the Fjords was a bit rainy that day. But we still saw loads of scenes like THIS...ahh!

Hope you all have a good, good winter and that it can be magical and special some how. You know you can still come to our Body + Soul Camp in February if you want the ultimate winter boost!  :) :) :) We currently have NINE people signed up. We're thrilled & amazed. But we still have room for more, if you want to book a ticket.

And now, what helps YOU to have a happier winter?? (Though of course any comment is always welcome.)

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  1. I LOVED Oslo. I was so lucky to go for work, but I would absolutely love to go back and see more of Norway.


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