Retreat Testimonials

Today we wanted to share testimonials from two women who attended our last retreat.

The first one was actually a journal entry recorded by Lisa the same day the retreat ended. The second one, by Nicole, was written this week.

We hope you might consider coming to our next incredible retreat in February. We still have space!

Testimonial from Lisa (NYC):

“Danny and Mara, 

Thank you for giving me what I didn’t know I needed.
Thank you for telling me everything that I needed to hear that I didn’t know.
Thank you for showing me love I didn’t know existed.
May God Bless you, may you continue to walk with the angels with the loving guidance and protection of your ancestors.”  

– Lisa 

Testimonial from Nicole (NYC): 

“When I first saw the (retreat announcement) post, I immediately thought that it sounded awesome but “so not me”. I had never done yoga, meditation or even a juice cleanse. However, over time as I kept coming back to the blog, the idea started to appeal to me. I asked a lot of questions and ultimately pulled the trigger about eights days before. Friends and family all thought I was just a little bit nuts heading to a country in South America all by myself to try things I had never even wanted to do on my own!
But what I found was this was about nurturing your heart, mind and soul. It didn’t matter what I had not accomplished or tried in my life back home but rather, what was I going to do in my life going forward and these were the steps I was taking to put myself on the right track. Everyone was so open and honest and supportive. Love just emanated off of everyone. You saw in others what they could not see in themselves and you saw things in yourself that you did not realize were there. It was a beautiful experience and one that I have highly recommended over and over again.
What most surprised me about returning was how one week in this environment allowed to make significant changes in my life. Easier things like not drinking caffeine and eliminating foods from my diet but also how I interacted with my husband, friends and coworkers. I look back with only the fondest memories of those days I spent at the retreat, doing nothing that felt familiar and loving every minute of it.” 

– Nicole

I have NO DOUBT this retreat would be a gift to your body and soul. Taking the time to nurture yourself, clear your mind, feel loved, and reconnect with your truest self is one of the most worthwhile things you could do for you and those around you. You can book your space here.

XO, Mara

If you’d like to learn more about our retreat, click here.

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