03 June 2014

A Little Tip For Husbands and Wives

Today's tip is a very, very simple one, but it is worth gold and worth a reminder...

Make sure and call your spouse/partner during the day and share some LOVE!  :)  :)

Too often when two people are rushing out the door for work, the energy in the air is usually just abrupt and routine, right? Sometimes that same tone will linger in your mind and even pick up where it left off when you reunite again. And so, if you can't be together during the day and if your mornings feel rushed, make sure you call (or write) during the day for no other reason than to be loving and sweet and kind (or naughty! haha.) THAT can change the tone between you (and the lingering thoughts you might have about each other during the day) - - and lead to one very, very nice reunion that evening.   :)  :)

P.S. Do you and your partner spend a lot of time a part? Do you like checking in with each other during the day? I know when Danny would call me from work for any sweet/kind/sexy/hottie reason, it made my day completely!

(photo by Frank Boutonnet)


  1. First time commenting, long time reader ;) i comment now, well because i LOVED this little tip! I am a young newly wed, and i am happy to say that me & my husband do this, even when we were dating we liked to do this. I LOVE it! It's so important to set a little time aside from your busy day to see how your loved one is doing & how their day is going...or just to tell them you love them. Thank you for the lovely tip & just know that you two are such a wonderful example for me and are doing great things!

  2. My husband and I work together, two classrooms down from each other, but not for long... I always make a point of popping in at some point in the day just to say "hi" or give him a smile and a wink. Next year we will be working apart and I actually wonder if it will affect us... (Then again we have only been working together for two years, been together for seven!)

  3. I work from home and my husband works in the restaurant underneath. Sometimes I like to poke my nose in, just to say hi and to give him a quick peck. If he's not too busy, he loves it. :)

  4. We have some *great* habits, and we're not married! We ALWAYS cuddle in the morning before I leave at 6.15am. It's a non negotiable, and if I don't ever do it, it's a signal we have BIG problems to sort out.

    Then before I go to sleep I get 'tucked' in, which is basically more cuddles at about 8.30-9.30pm. I leave TV watching/computer/sofa from 8,30pm, might shower, potter etc. The BF continues with TV but will always come in before I turn the light out for a cuddle and a chat. Many a tearful convo is had then too!

    Lastly, we both cook some dinners (and therefore our leftover lunches) and take them to work. Almost daily he'll text me to find out how the lunch is/was/what I took (if we have a stockpile) etc.

    These three little things keep us bonded. They do not, however, add to a spark I know you love so much Mara... but there's more to that little story ;)

  5. My husband and I talk to each other every day at lunch. He works out of town often- we call each other in morning, at lunch and after work, before going to bed we send a "goodnight" text. Communication is so important in a loving relationship.

  6. Totally agree. I love it and truly appreciate it when my boyfriend sends me an e-mail or text during the day especially when I am busy. No demands, just his own efforts in surprising me to let me know he remembers me. Likewise with me.

  7. My husband and I work long hours, sometimes opposite schedules....but we still stay in touch throughout the day via text, phone calls and sometimes even Face Time. Every morning we take turns sending each other "have a great day! i love you!" texts etc. It makes a big difference and really helps us to stay connected even when we may not see each other for a couple of days. It sounds silly, but communicating over the mundane and daily stuff is sometimes just as important over the long-term as having heart-to-hearts.

  8. My Fiance and I have been long distance for a whopping 3 years now (boo!) Before he moved stateside, we couldn't really speak on the phone because it was so expensive. I'd rush home from classes and spend hours glued to my computer to stay in touch with him.

    Now that he's here in the U.S. (but still far-ish) we really take advantage of being able to say good morning or check in at lunch with a quick hey or how are you? on the phone... After over a year without this option, I will never underestimate the value of being able to have a phone conversation no matter where you are during the day. (:

  9. My boyfriend and I both work from home now, but when I worked out of the home, we would stay in regular contact via email throughout the day. Just quick updates about what's going on, interesting stories from the day, what music we're listening to, etc. Especially when work got hectic for either of us, it really helped to know that someone was out there on our side. And it served as a great mental break during the day!

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