28 May 2014

What Understanding Love Does For A Person....

In all of the many tributes and posts and videos that have been shared today in honor of Maya Angelou's life, this one was one of our favorites.  Please find time to listen to it, and consider well its importance.

It really is all about Love.


  1. So beautiful and powerful. Thank God for Maya Angelou. May she rest in peace.

  2. So happy you shared this & I watched. Tears in my eyes, so moving. Thanks!

  3. This is the most beautiful thing I have seen all week. Thanks for sharing. Sending love to you guys xx

  4. I absolutely LOVE this clip. What a wonderful woman. She will definitely be missed.

  5. Thanks for sharing that lovely and powerful clip. Her poetry came through in each word she spoke.

    1. Sage - I thought the same thing. Her every word was like poetry.

  6. Watching this video of Maya sharing her testimony of God's love brought peace into my entire being. What a wonderful woman. I thank you for sharing this, Mara!


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