Talented Friends

Today, I just have to give a shout out to some friends of mine who are doing amazing things…


Linsey Laidlaw, of Brooklyn, just launched her gorgeous new website, linseylaidlaw.com. I looove it so much and had to share. She is working on growing her design studio as she absolutely loves to design. She’s available to help you with your websites, logos, businesses, invitations, book design, etc. She’s currently art directing a book for a colleague from her days as an Art Director at Martha Stewart Living. Linsey is blogging, too, which makes me extra happy as she’s got the best taste, ideas, and advice. And, hands down, one of the best business cards this year at Alt Summit was designed by Linsey. See it here.


An old friend of mine, Suze Yalof Schwartz, used to be the Executive Fashion Editor of Glamour Magazine.  🙂 A few years ago she moved from NYC with her family to California and now she is a spiritual entrepreneur. She just opened a meditation studio in L.A. called Unplug and I think it’s one of the best ideas ever. You go in for a $20 meditation session the same way you would go in for a yoga class. You may have seen her new company highlighted on GOOP. I hope someday there’s an Unplug Meditation Studio in every city. We all need this more than ever. Also, Suze happens to be one of the kindest, most supportive women out there.
She was super helpful and encouraging towards me when I started the
clothing line, Harvey Faircloth.

Isn’t her new studio gorgeous? I just love it.



Our dear friend Kelsey Nixon (in Brooklyn) just launched her cookbook, Cooking With Confidence. Kelsey has her own Cooking Channel show & blog, Kelsey’s Essentials, and recently has traveled around the country for her book tour. Fun insight: Danny knew Kelsey at BYU in an accounting class and she was hell bent on learning some accounting for starting a business. She was also talking to the design department about getting logos designed and getting mentored by Danny as he was the accounting T.A. She had so much ambition. It’s just SO, SO AMAZING to see all that she has accomplished since then. We’re huge fans.


Ralph Spencer Steenblick, our Brooklyn architect friend, recently launched his portfolio website. I really loved browsing through it. And, he designs the most gorgeous chandeliers!! He’s able to produce these and is currently looking for shops or clients who would like to buy. He and his wife happen to be very dear friends.


Another designer friend in Brooklyn, Scott Savage, started Savage Works where he designs and sells the coolest things. I especially adore the walnut bike racks and the wooden cube wall hanging.



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  1. linsey April 8, 2014 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    Aww Mara, you make a gal blush. Thanks for the shout out. Miss you TONS. xo

  2. Ralph S Steenblik April 9, 2014 at 2:45 am - Reply

    It is such a pleasure being included with such good company!

  3. christina April 9, 2014 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    I'm going to ask something that I feel shy about asking 🙂 Do you guys have any friends with unglamorous and/or working class jobs? I'm not talking about people who might bus tables at night to support their theatre careers, but rather people who are office managers, waitresses, daycare workers, etc … and that's just what they do. I promise I'm not implying anything with my question. I'm just genuinely curious!

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