21 March 2014

Where Did You Get That?

My friends here in Brooklyn have the best style. It's so fun to just be around them and see what they come up with. And we're all about sharing tips and advice with each other because honestly, we are all so busy with either kids or endeavors or work that planning outfits seems to be pretty low on the list.

Anyway, one of my friends has 3 darling kids and lives on the 4th floor of a walk up. She is one of my favorite women in the world. She happens to be the one who teaches us all where to get the best vintage dresses in Brooklyn. And, she wears these shoes.

Last summer she was sporting these Native Shoes around the park and around Brooklyn. She wore them with vintage skirts and pretty pastel dresses and crown braids and we would all wonder how she could just look so cute and fresh all the time just showing up at the park. (She will shake her head and laugh and deny this when she reads this, but, it's true.)

And, when I asked her about these shoes - she got to business with telling me how much she loves them, that they are so very comfortable and that she wanted to get them in more colors. Hello, they are slip ons! So easy for summer! They're also waterproof and the official shoe for anyone who frequents NYC splash pads.

So there you have it. A shoe I really love and had to recommend. You can get them for $45, free shipping.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

And thanks for the AMAZING comments and great conversations this week. We absolutely love that part of having this blog.



  1. random comment alert: i can't get over how much danny looks like the character played by jim sturgess (dexter) in the movie 'one day'. in the "later years" of the movie, dexter has shorter, lighter hair and i was literally staring at the screen wondering if danny's name really is jim sturgess. LOL!
    check one photo out here: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4126785280/tt1563738?ref_=ttmd_md_nxt and one more here: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4093230848/tt1563738?ref_=ttmd_md_nxt.
    have a great weekend! :)

  2. Just bought all three of my kiddos these shoes for summer! Looks like mama needs a pair too!!

  3. I know who you are talking about, and I would definitely follow any fashion advice she has to give! She always looks so cute :) Will have to check these out. I'm constantly looking for comfy (but cute) shoes for summer. Thanks for passing this on!

  4. Mara, thank you for this post! Will you also tell us where you got those great shoes you were wearing in the photo with Danny in front of the door if the inn a few posts back? I loved them!

    1. ah - thanks. I wrote about those shoes a little while ago. I LOVE THEM! You can get the link here...

  5. Love your "Where Did You Get That?" posts. Thank you for the recommendations!

    1. Ah, thank you! So glad you like them. :)

  6. This is cracking me up! All I can say is, 3 kids on a 4th floor walk-up? Your friend must be nuts. You should probably do the opposite of whatever she does.


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