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We are currently in Bergen, Norway in our little hotel. Danny just made tea (we love those European electric kettles!) and the rain is pattering on our skylight. We’ve read some emails tonight from readers and they really just about do us in sometimes as they make us so happy and amazed. There are people out there changing their lives, becoming happier, healing from life’s unbelievable trials. It really is so, so beautiful and an honor to be in touch with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And, we’re thinking about Vermont and Snapdragon Inn and feeling SO EXCITED to gather there with some of you next weekend. The women there are so delighted to have us and are working hard to make it great. It just makes me so happy to collaborate with them and I can’t wait to experience the Inn. My friends in Brooklyn have been there and they just rave about it.

Here are a few notes about the weekend:

-Gift Bags. For those attending workshops or staying at the Inn, I’m so excited to announce that you will be receiving some gifts from some local Vermont vendors, artists, ice-cream makers, maple makers, a chocolatier, and a local fresh juice shop. So fun, right?!  I love all the artisanal food and craft making happening in Vermont and I’m so happy that food and gifts and everything from the weekend will be local.

-Cut-off for Gift Bags. I’ll need to know if you’re attending by Monday, February 24th if you’d like to receive a gift bag. Please call the Inn to reserve your space, even if you are just attending the workshops only.

-Booking a Room. If you tried to book a room online and it was booked, please call the Inn directly: (802) 227-0008. They are trying their best to fit everyone in and can maybe make some room for you.

-Extra Room Available Off-Site. There is a woman in Windsor, Vermont, who has graciously offered her guest room to someone who might need a place to stay. She will also be attending the workshops. Please call the Inn for contact details.

-If You’re Attending the Workshops Only…there is no set fee, but donations are optional and welcome as they will help cover some of the costs.

THANK YOU! And thanks to everyone who has requested an event in your area. It has warmed our hearts a ton and made us super excited about this next year.

P.S. In the photos above, we were on our way to Norway and on a bus for many, many hours. Danny said it was a good time for “bus cuddles.” I have to agree. 🙂

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  1. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes February 22, 2014 at 12:19 am - Reply

    Your travel blog posts are so inspiring to me right. I've been hitting the dating life hard, relentlessly, for the last couple years and feeling like that entire arena of my life is one big false start after another. The latest disappointment just finally squished me enough to declare a sabbatical from all of it, however long I need it. I turned 27 last week and was thinking about what it is I want out of life this year…..and I ended up finally biting the bullet and going to get myself a passport, on Valentine's Day 🙂 (i.e. I proposed to the world.) I have my heart set on Iceland and Scandinavia, Norway included. I actually might be able to go in April, fingers crossed. Either way, I'll have that passport ready. I think (finally) wandering around the world might be just what my heart needs to heal this year!

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