09 January 2014

Where Did You Get That?

If I ever feel inclined to find out where someone bought something, I figure it might be fun to share it here, too.  :)

Well, that happened on Sunday at church.

My dear friend was wearing these shoes and I have to say, they looked amazing.  They almost looked like a bootie type boot...but they weren't that exactly.  They just looked so unique compared to what you normally see out there and I just loved the ankle strap.  She had them in black and wore them with black tights, a high waisted wool plaid pencil skirt, and a great top.  Several of us loved the shoes and were all asking her about them at the same time. :)  Oh, and she said she is very picky about the comfort level of shoes and that these they are verrrry cooooomfortable.  I would trust any Brooklyn mama on that point.   :)

(Get them at a good price at Nordstrom or Niemen Marcus.  Though I always love the free shipping/free returns at Nordstrom just in case I need a different size.) 


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