28 June 2013

Healing from IVF

I knew that we'd be OK no matter how the IVF turned out.  I've had enough big blows in my life to know that...and I trust the process of healing that I have utilized in my life time and time again.

But bad news is still not fun.

I thought I'd record here what it's been like in the last week or so...

26 June 2013

Working From the Park

Every once in awhile on a late Friday afternoon, Danny and I will head to the park to finish up our day.  I guess that means working on responding to emails (and for me, maybe a little New York Magazinewhich is my most favorite magazine ever.  :)

And, we take our favorite park chairs by Crazy Creek.  These things are sooooo, SO comfy.  

Last year Danny said we really needed to buy these.  He had them before and knew they were great. And yep, they are. They totally change the park experience.

You feel like a kid in these things cause you can just rock back and forth.  It's kind of ridiculous how fun they are.  :)

OK, and the PANTS.  Hello.  Kate Spade Saturday.  So perfect for Spring/Summer.  

Do you guys ever have a way of meeting up during work hours?  (extra points for nooners.  :) :) 

P.S.  I know someone who used to sneak out of work and meet his wife at the movies every Friday afternoon, which always seemed SO fun.  He owned the company, so I guess that comes with perks.  :)

25 June 2013

Alt Summit NYC 2013 - The Conference

(All photos in this post by Justin Hackworth, unless noted otherwise.)

The morning of the Alt NYC conference began early for me :) - a 7 am departure to arrive at the Martha Stewart building by 8 am, via the subway and a short cab ride for the last dash to the west side.  I was asked to be a co-host of the craft session that morning with Jenny Komenda (Little Green Notebook) and Vane Broussard (Brooklyn Bride)...two lovely Brooklyn women who will also be at my Natural Beauty Night tonight.  :)

The three crafts were a Homemade Salt Scrub, a Friendship Bracelet, and a Family Needlepoint - all from the new book that just came out called Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids (which is a thick book chock full of ideas - it looks like a dream for any child.)  The Martha Stewart crafters were teaching and handling the supplies, so I played host and tried to get to know as many of the bloggers as I could.  There were many new bloggers there (they inspire me so much) and I tried to pass on some  tips.  It was such a fun morning.


(photo by Melissa Hope)

(photo by Melissa Hope)

(photo by Melissa Hope)

(photo by Melissa Hope)

Also - - (3) bloggers were chosen by Alt to go on the Martha Stewart radio channel with Darcy Miller (the Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings).  They chose Jenny, Vane and I.  Yes, this was super exciting - but I also wasn't sure what would happen because I don't write about weddings or crafts.  ha!  Luckily, with me,  Darcy wanted to speak about LOVE.  :)  :)  :)

Here's Darcy!  We got to chat a bit before the show.  

Darcy is as lovely and friendly as can be.  We were talking about love and soul mates...and guess what?  Martha set her up with her husband, one of the lawyers Martha had worked with.  Darcy wasn't interested at first, but finally realized how wonderful he was.  She just seemed smitted with her husband and said she really did feel like he was her soul mate.  It was the sweetest thing ever to hear.  (Btw, you may remember Darcy's amazing wedding featured in Martha Stewart years ago...here it is.  She was the most gorgeous bride and that wedding will make your jaw drop.)

(photo by Jenny Komenda)

Darcy had a little print-out about me and was taking notes for the show.  :)  

 (photo by Jenny Komenda)

Here we are in the studio (below).  Each blogger had about 15 minutes of air time.  Darcy was really easy to talk with on the air.  She asked me what I thought about soul mates - and how to prepare to get married.  You can probably guess that I shared this: "don't find a soulmate, become a soulmate"...in other words, don't think that a wonderful spouse who falls into your life is automatically going to complete you and make you feel whole and lead to a magical, good, healthy relationship.  Beautiful relationships happen when two people have done the w-o-r-k to bring something of value to the table - they've prepared individually by building character, self-worth, and learning to be happy and at peace individually (these things come in handy later and really mean the world in a marriage, trust me! :)

We also talked about HOW to make a shift in your life and I shared with her my thoughts about how powerful it is to learn to manage your energy (see this post).  :)  And how the one thing you need to get started is DESIRE!!!  You really do need that driving force - because making any change is a very big deal.  She asked how to cultivate that desire...and I said - well, being your best self is the greatest offering of LOVE you could give your spouse, children, and the world.  I know that offering of love is what drives me every single day.  
The radio segment wasn't recorded and so I have no idea how it all sounded...but all I know is the  producers in the room stopped and listened to me and knodded their heads while I was speaking on the air. ha! I was so glad to have them as a little audience. And after, the producer told me I was a natural.  Whew. I hope so! I'm just grateful to have the opportunity to share something.

And later...Martha...
 Martha came out to greet everyone at the conference and this is what happened...  :)

 Loved the two keynotes - Grace Bonney of Design Sponge and Garance Dore.  

I loved seeing some blogger friends that I've gotten to know.  The conferences do feel like a little reunion in that way.  I just LOVE Grace Mitchell (from A Storied Style).  She is as lovely as can be.  Someone there said we could be sisters and that we had the same light.  Well, that made my day. 

(photo by Melissa Hope)

(photo by Melissa Hope)

And here we are at the end of an amazing day.  I felt really, really lucky to be there with Danny.  It's so fun to work on this project with him and to have him be a part of it all. And, of course, seeing him across the room or sitting next to him - ok, and kissing him! - was the best thing ever. :)  :)


24 June 2013

Alt Summit NYC 2013 - Sunday Suppers

(All photos in this post by Justin Hackworth, unless otherwise noted.)

Two days after finding out our unfortunate news, I attended a dinner for Alt Summit NYC. During those first days after we got the IVF results, I wasn't necessarily feeling like going to a party.  I wanted to be by Danny's side every second and was just letting the news settle in.  But by the time the day came for Alt, I felt up for it...and it turns out that a party was wonderful timing.  
The conference kicked off with a dinner Wednesday night.  I got to attend the dinner at the Sunday Suppers studio, a place I had been dreaming of visiting (I'd love to host a dinner + lecture there soon.)  The space is in Brooklyn and just gorgeous...everything about the night just felt beautiful, peaceful and good.  It was wonderful to relish being in Brooklyn - to look out the huge windows at the stunning, expansive view and to feel love for this place I call home.  So many moments just took my breath away and made my heart feel so big.  

It also felt good to be surrounded by some women I have come to love and admire so much.  For starters, I just love Amy Hackworth.  She really is one of the most delightful women I've ever met. 

The dinner at Sunday Suppers was healthy and delicious.  They were so kind to prepare my dishes without dairy and gluten - which was so wonderful.

(photo by Jenny Komenda)

I got to sit by dear Jenny Komenda with that view of Brooklyn right behind us.  It made my heart tug as Jenny is moving from Brooklyn to Arizona soon.  But I'll hold that moment near and dear.  And I'll never forget how magical that evening felt.  I was so grateful to feel alive and happy that night - to feel friendship, peace, and love  - and to feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all that I have.   

P.S.  I have way too many photos to share, so I'll post about the second day at the conference soon - including details about being on Martha Stewart Radio with Darcy Miller!!  :)


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