04 September 2013

Love Story: A True Miracle From Day One

Dear Mara,

I couldn't agree more with you...this has felt like a true miracle from day one.  I'll admit that some of the shock of it has started to wear off because every day...and especially after meeting you and finding out you're REAL...it becomes a reality instead of a pipe dream.  It's like I just expect it now, I expect to love you more, to be excited to see you again, I expect to have you in my heart all day, I expect to get a wonderful email from you confirming my every hope and dream. So in some ways that miraculous feeling fades just slightly because I've come to accept it...this is really happening and I just LOVE it!!  But every time I sit and think about how unlikely this whole thing is, well I am filled with gratitude to God, but also to you....for living your life in such a manner that I have something so concrete to be thankful for. 

You know what's interesting?  I think it's normal for people to date and "love" in part for what they see in someone else....what they could be...what potential they have.  And it's a wonderful sentiment to be determined to try to bring out the best in them to help them realize that potential.  But with you, I love you for who you are and what you've become!  For maybe the first time in my life I love a woman exactly for who she is right now!  I already know who you are, I know what you've learned, I know your character and your heart - and I LOVE IT ALL!!! 

I guess in some way, that was my answer to never loving someone the way you love me.  Thank you Mara for saying those things to me and letting me know where I stand with you.  Let me assure you I do not compare myself with anyone else.  I trust in you completely that you would not give of yourself so freely unless that is how you felt about me.  THANK YOU for trusting me enough to do that, to love me so completely.  I can confidently say that I too have never loved a woman like I love you, never so completely and never for the all the best reasons I could possibly think of. 

And Mara, I think you said it much better than me, the part about marriage and joining lives.  I thought about it after, about how it won't ALL be amazing.  And I realized in some ways I was wrong.  The fact is, I have every hope that it will ALL be amazing.  You were right on talking about the silly quarrels about little things. And though I know the potential for those will always be there, I'm with you...it's so immature and it flies right in the face of love/patience/long-suffering.  I don't envision my home to be like that either.  I plan and hope to be able to look past the small stuff in such a way that it IS all amazing and wonderful.

And Mara, you're so cute...yes, I happen to know that you're patient, loving, and kind.  If what you're trying to ask is would I be okay with a ridiculously thankful wife (specifically one named Mara), well...I know I'd be MORE THAN OKAY with that...just sayin :)

Okay love.  A good morning to you.  I'm so grateful to have you in my life.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks again for all of your love and how freely you give it to me!



  1. Beautiful. I love your pure, genuine love for one another.

  2. I'm so happy to see more Love Story posts! :)

  3. These posts just leave me on the floor in a puddle. Love. Them.

  4. Goodness, these posts make me wish my husband and I had written letters more when we met! We had a quick courtship, so I love reading these letters between you two. We also were very forthcoming with how we felt (I honestly cannot hide how I feel!) so reading these makes me all warm and fuzzy.

    This makes me think my husband I should start writing now to keep the romance alive. It's so easy to forget the details.

  5. I love you. I think like you. Our dreams are so similar. I believe what you believe and I think what you think. I know we are right in our way of life. We are on common ground, we live to this code, and this code is ours. We agree, we like the same paintings, we like the same holidays. We are of the same mind, we are in love.

  6. It was just like a reading love letter, good to know about the your pure and respectful love for each other. I think very lucky people get there love and you are one of them.

  7. nice love story. i like this story. thanks admin for sharing it.

  8. Love is a short word, but has amuch largermeaning. It’s one thing that can’t be avoided; no matter how hard one cantry. It’s one thing that isn’t always controllable. It can be one of the BEST and WORST thingsone can ever experience in life.

  9. That's so cute , I love it , having such an honest and pure heart like yours , coming from a man , aa❤️Love all the way from uae


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