14 August 2013

Where Did You Get That?

So...living in Brooklyn has some perks.
One of those is this:  You are surrounded by people with very cool taste.

I often find myself asking friends or people on the street, "Where did you get that?"

I'm not much of a shopper myself.  But if I do shop, I like to get right to it and not spend too much time on it.  So I'm a huge fan of asking people where they got things.  :)  I thought I'd start passing along some of my findings...

Today, a pair of shoes, worn by Kylie Whiting...

She says these are "seriously the most comfortable shoes I've had in awhile!"  I think they could be cute with knee socks in the fall, as well. 

Find them at Nordstrom. $89.95.


P.S. It has been wonderful to have Danny home. :)  We stayed up way too late last night catching up and watching this foreign film called The Intouchables.  Such a good/funny/heartwarming movie.  We loved it.  

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  1. Oh my, did you see that the color of those shoes is called "Nutella"? Be still my heart!!!

  2. The Intouchables is one of my VERY favorite movies. Such a great one! And doesn't the main character remind you of a French Dustin Hoffman?

  3. The Intouchables is on our "to watch" list! Can't wait to watch it.

  4. I need a practical shoe like that now that I've been sentenced to primary at church. No more high heels for me if I'm going to be wrangling kids for two hours!

  5. So cute! I was wishing you would have more recommendations after seeing how good that one was...

  6. These really are the best! I've been wearing these all summer- I may have to invest in another pair for next spring/summer... New York is so hard on my shoes!

  7. ooh, i love low wedges. I'm tall, and I feel like I'm towering in heels, so I've never learned to walk in them. But the low wedge, I love. I feel pretty wearing them.

  8. Ah, les Intouchables. Two thumbs up.

  9. So cute! We're so close to fall though that I have to start saving my pennies for some fun boots!

  10. I love to ask people where they got things, or to compliment them on something cool they are wearing. This morning, I saw an older man at the mall wearing a bright orange striped bow tie and I just had to tell him what a fabulous tie it was. He seemed really thrilled that I had noticed- I make bow ties, so I'm always on the lookout for cool color combos :)

  11. Those shoes are adorable...

  12. I find myself asking "Where did you get that" all of the time :) So glad your husband is home! Last Monday my husband drove all of our belongings out to New Hampshire from Utah for our big move. Saturday I finally got to fly out and meet him there. I have never been to New Hampshire but stepping out of the airport and seeing his smiling face let me know I was home :). It's a great feeling.

  13. I am glad you mentioned The Intouchables, it's a movie on my must watch list and as I have nothing to do tonight ....:) I will have to watch it!

  14. Just finished watching The Intouchables, LOVED it! :)


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