02 August 2013

Thank You To...

Today we're so happy to send a few COOLA summer supplies as a thank you gift to Jessica Brown (raised in seaside Nova Scotia. Sounds so dreamy!)  Her blog is so sweet and she has (3) beautiful children.

COOLA Sunscreen is just about the best thing ever.  The stuff is natural and safe to use and it RUBS IN really well (which is hard to find among the natural brands.)  It's one of my favorite brands that I found during my natural beauty research.

In this package:
Organic Face Sunscreen (Unscented) - spf 20.  $26.95
Organic Sunscreen Spray - spf 35.  $26.88
Body Lotion Bar - Orange Patchouli.  $22.00
Body Lotion Bar - Grapefruit Peppermint. $15.95
Body Lotion Bar - Lavendar Chamomile. $22.00
Body Lotion Bar - Unscented.  $21.90
Hand Lotion Bar - Cucumber Melon. $11.95
Hand Lotion Bar - Lavendar Chamomile. $12.00
Hand Lotion Bar - Orange Patchouli. $12.00
Hand Lotion Bar - Grapefruit Peppermint. $12.00
Hand Lotion Bar - Unscented. $12.00

The lotion bars are awesome.  They are solid - kind of like a soap bar - that you take out of the tin and rub on your skin.  I really like them and they aren't messy.  They're made with all natural shea butter, beeswax, almond, jojoba, avocado oils, and Vitamin E.


These thank you gifts have been SO FUN to give out.  I've loved it.  I really wish I could give something to all of you.

And better yet, I wish I could meet all of you and talk to you personally, share stories & experiences, etc.  For now, I'm glad we have this blog.



Every Friday this month we are giving out a thank you gift to a reader who has left ANY comment during the week on ANY post.  We are so thankful for your voices here. 



  1. Looks fabulous! I have been wanting to try a lotion bar. Maybe I'll check this stuff out!

    Thanks for all you do, and for you wonderful blog!

  2. I've gotten samples of this in my Birch and Ipsy boxes, glad to see it actually IS natural!

  3. How cool! I bought ACV and am testing out your toner recipe tonight. I am slowly, piece by piece converting my makeup bag to natural products :)

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