22 August 2013

Green Cleaning Workshop in Brooklyn

For anyone in New York, my friend Natalie is a consultant who helps people "green" their homes and cleaning products.  She's amazing, and has been helping me a ton to get our home chemical free.  She's holding a FREE workshop Friday Aug. 23rd, 7:30 - 9:00 PM at the Center for Anti-Violence Education on 327 7th Street, buzzer #3, Brooklyn NY.

RSVP or get more info from Natalie at natalieclay at gmail dot com.

(Image by Jurianne Matter via Bloesem Living)

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  1. What kind of products have you switched to for getting all the chemicals out of your house? I've been looking into where to start with this.

    1. Natalie and her business partner, Collette, taught me how to use mostly WATER for everything!!! I am ridiculously amazed but it works. I want to do a post about it soon. Also, I use vinegar (I spray on shower curtain and shower to prevent mold) and a homemade soft scrub (made of baking soda, vinegar, Dr. Bronners) for the shower (though I seriously just use like a tablespoon or less as I mostly use water), laundry soap is by Norwex, I use wool dryer balls instead of softener. Post coming soon! xo

    2. I'm so surprised to hear that you use mostly water for all cleaning! How does that disinfect, I wonder -- especially in the bathroom and on kitchen surfaces (where meat is prepared, etc.)?! I'm eager to hear about this in a future post! :D

  2. I love having real plants in the bathroom and for this reason I have put my orchids in there. Your bathroom also looks great.

  3. Mara, I love this post. Thanks for sharing. A couple years ago I decided to clear out all toxic products out of our home and we currently have nothing toxic and only use all natural- for everything and love it! I also decided to get my nutrition certification (just for fun) to be able to cook well for my family and it has be so fun. I don't know if you have seen this site, but it is my go-to for everything. Having worked in the makeup/skin care industry in the past, I know that even the "natural" products on the market are not always the best either. I check this site before buying/using anything. You type in any product or brand and it will tell you 1-10 how safe it is to use. It's awesome. Enjoy if you haven't seen it already.


    - Kaelyn

  4. Oh I wish I still lived in Brooklyn so I could go to this. Let us know if she ever decides to do a webinar or something similar!

  5. Wish I could go! Alas, I'm miles and miles away. I've been trying to boost my cleaning skills by reading Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. It's pretty good!

  6. There is so much to learn about proper green cleaning techniques. I've been learning a lot from reading up on blogs, as well as from learning from some experts.


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