Thank You To…

Thank you to…

Janna Beth


Jamie A.

Thank you, thank you for your comments and insights this week!!  
Janna, LOVED what you said about yoga, in response to the discussion about the link of the body & mind:
Yoga – in that it taught me both dedication and to listen to my body – is giving me the strength to pass by processed foods, and make healthy food choices in healthy amounts. I’ve always been thin and fit, but only because of a good metabolism and rigorous commitment to working out for the purpose of staying thin. I’m learning to value exercise for how it makes me feel, not just for the calories it burns.

And Jaime, such an interesting question about IVF and religion:

Hi Mara and Danny! Your blog is delightful. Truly a lovely space on the internet.
I’ve much appreciated how open, honest and thoughtful you’ve been about your journey through infertility. So, I ask the following question with all possible respect. What is the view of the LDS faith about medical intervention as extreme as in vitro fertilization? I know that many conservative Christian theologists do not find the practice to respect God’s design for children. How did you think through the procedure in light of your faith?
(See Danny’s response here.)

And as a token of thanks, we’re sending each of you some of our favorite things: (2) Crazy Creek chairs!  (Please contact me with your address within 3 wks.)  These will actually be upgraded chairs compared to the ones Danny and I have had.  Instead of coming from the “Casual Line” they will be two from the “Adventure Line”, which come with a lifetime warranty and are sooo sturdy and well made.   You will each receive (1) Original Chair ($44) and (1) Hex 2.0 Original Chair  ($46. this one is lightweight and can roll up tightly for packing/hiking.)

We hope you can enjoy these chairs while attending concerts in the park, camping, or picnicking in the remaining summer days.  We’ll be doing the same.  🙂  In fact, tomorrow night, Robert Plant will be playing Led Zeppelin classics in Prospect Park.  My nephew and brother-in-law got tickets, but Danny and I will be hanging in the outskirts around the band shell with our chairs, of course, and maybe a picnic from Gather (a really, really tasty/healthy take-out cafe near Prospect Park – 7th Ave. & 9th St.)
And right now I need to figure out what to wear for my segment on HuffPost LIVE today at 5:30 pm ET.  Eeeeks.  Hope it goes well. 
Hope you all have an AWESOME summer weekend!!
P.S. Janna & Jaime, these are the colors we chose for you from the Adventure Line:  Hex 2.0 Original in Ash/Moss and the Original Chair in Forest Green:

For July & August we’re giving Thank You Gifts to our readers every Friday.  We’re randomly selecting from the people that have contributed to the blog by leaving ANY comment on ANY post in the last week (since last Friday).  We are so grateful that you share your voice here and help us to further this effort.  I already can’t wait for next Friday to give the next Thank You Gift. 

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  1. Laura July 27, 2013 at 3:57 am - Reply

    Your giveaway idea is really fun!

    When I first found your blog I started at the beginning and was obsessed! I really enjoy your thoughts on attitude and changing our perspectives. Thanks for sharing.

    Have you heard about Pound the Pavement for Parenthood? They help raise money for couples to do in-vitro and adoption.

    Thanks again for sharing your story and inspiring others.

  2. Miggy August 8, 2013 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    Uh, didn't read this whole post 'til now…

    Robert Plant was my high school crush, as was Zeppelin. Saw Page and Plant twice while in high school and college. I would have given my left arm to hear this concert…how was it?

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