01 July 2013

Love Announcements

Surprise!  A few love announcements on a Monday  :)  

-Isn't this photo so great?  From reader, Amanda Lamb:  "My husband and I took a trip to Chicago.  We'd never been and promptly fell in love with the city.  I caught these two lovers on a bench at the bean and it just made me so happy."

-Good news for New Yorkers:  Christie Somers is coming to NYC July 15-22 to do haircuts & color!!  She is seriously amazing...and anyone who knows me knows that I do not say that lightly.  Very few stylists get that kind of approval out of me. Anyway, I can't say enough good about her.  She'd love to schedule as many appointments as possible during these dates.  She tries to come to your home, when possible, which is amazing...especially if you have kids.  She's thinking of trying to do Brooklyn appointments on July 16 or 17, if that works.  Write her directly to book an appointment: christie[at]christiesomers[dot]com.

-I channeled dear Jenny Komenda and found some of these killer heels on e-bay - in neon.  

-Danny and I got asked to speak at a singles conference in Manhattan in September and at another conference in Washington D.C. in October.  We're excited.  We always have such unbelievable experiences at these conferences.  Stay tuned for more info.!

-Just a little bit of what 'the language of love' looks like in our household...Danny said to me today: "I just have so much fun with you.  I'm so happy to be with you!"  Oh man, he keeps me beaming.  He is just so willing to put himself out there and say something kind...and he does it very intentionally.  It's such a beautiful thing and I really think it's a skill that anyone can develop.

-I am dying to show you the photos from the Natural Beauty Night, sponsored by Vine.com.  It was the girls' night of my dreams!!!  So many great posts on natural beauty will be coming.  I think it's such an important topic, especially for women.  A little sneak peek:  This is one of my all time favorite deodorants:  Deodomom.  You guys, I am telling you - - this stuff WORKS!!  In fact, it's better than ANY other deodorant I've ever tried in my whole life, including non-natural deodorants and loads of natural ones.  Yes, it's that good.  I never thought it would be possible that a deodorant could work soooo well.  I'm baffled as it only has two harmless ingredients. (Also, it's $5 cheaper than Soapwalla, a brand that also works extremely well and gets a lot of well-deserved press.  But you might as well save a bit of money with Deodomom since it works just as well.)  

-"23 Ways to Keep the Butterflies in Your Marriage."  (I think this couple is really sweet and they have some great little reminders. :)

-This is what the Empire State Building looked like this last weekend in New York (thanks, Chris S.):

Happy Monday!

XO,  Mara

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  1. I still just follow directly from my Blogger Dashboard. Not a lot of folks seem to know they can do that?

  2. I wish Christie would come to Nashville to cut hair. I'm getting ready to move there and need a good hair stylist!

  3. Thanks for sharing the Empire State Building. It's nice to see the city celebrating marriage equality and love.

  4. It made my day to hear that you accepted the invitation to speak at our Mid-Singles conference in October in DC (or at least I think you said you accepted)! A few of us down here LOVE your blog and suggested you guys as speakers! Hopefully we'll get a chance to actually meet you in person as well!!

    1. yes, that would be wonderful to meet!


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