22 May 2013

What A Weekend Looks Like in Park Slope


Last weekend we stopped by Luigi's in South Slope to order a ton of pies 
for a church event for the guys.  

And this is what I got to stare at (since I'm gluten-free)...  :)  Luckily, this guy is super nice and super handsome.  He can eat a slice in front of me anytime he wants.   xo

Hardware Store.

More basil was in order for our balcony garden.  (We can't get enough of it.) 
I love it that all the little hardware joints around here sell plants on the sidewalks.

These basil plants were $4.50 and HUGE compared to most.  Best deal we've seen. 

The basil even got the attention of these three darling Italian women walking by.  All friends.  Major cooks.  They've lived in the neighborhood 40 years, all 1 block apart.  
Come on, Linsey & Angie...think about it!!!  :)

And guess what?  One of these women lives two doors down from us!!  I feel so badly we've never met.  We now have big plans involving Italian dinners.

Vintage Store.

There are a few shops in my neighborhood that I love to stop into if I'm walking by....
Beacon's, Vice Versa, Monk Thrift, and Life Emporium.  I've also heard good things about Guvnor's Vintage. (All on 5th Avenue.) 

On this day, we stopped by Life Emporium.

Danny spotted the hat in the window.  $10.

This jacket is actually SO good.  It's from H&M from many years ago.  My sister and my friend, Abby, both have it.  They both look amazing in it. 

Danny loved this silky top/dress.

I think this could be such a cute cover-up for the beach!

And two great dresses...

(FYI, I left all these cute finds behind.  Maybe you can hunt them down!)

Dollar Store.

There are lots of dollar stores down on the south end of 5th Avenue.  I seldom go there, but I kind of want to - I bet some good finds are to be had.  Apparently, I really liked that bag.  oh my.  

And there are plenty of Brooklyn residents who dig these flying birds in their stoop gardens. :)

Oh, Brooklyn...we do love you.

And I have to ask, what do you think of when you think of Brooklyn?  So many people think it's a dangerous place, which is funny.  Just curious what you envision.  Of course, if you're from Manhattan, Brooklyn is "so far" away...unless Smorgasborg, Brooklyn Flea, Grimaldi's, or Jane's Carousel are involved.  :)  

-Chambray jumpsuit is by Kate Spade Saturday.  I love it with the bottoms rolled up a tiny bit.  
-White oxfords are by Frye.  They are SO comfortable and seem to go with anything summery - I just love them.  
-Danny's sunglasses - which he wears everywhere - are by Ray Ban.  They are the "New" Wayfarer Style in Light Blue Rubber w/ Crystal Gray Gradient Lens (they're a bit cheaper here on Amazon).  I actually want a pair myself!  

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  1. We're in NY from 1st June for just a week and my husband was all nervous when I suggested we head back to the UWS from Brooklyn after walking over the bridge/looking around for a bit - at about 8pm. I'm trying to reassure him we'll be fine - we've both never been and movies make it seem like you'll get mugged walking down the street. I don't believe it! :)

    1. So cute. Well - just like anywhere, you do need to stay aware of your surroundings and belongings. And there are certainly some neighborhoods that you wouldn't want to explore at night. But for the most part, the city is very safe. So excited you get to visit!!

    2. Thank you! Me too!! It's the trip we've put off for years thinking 'oh but we'll get pregnant before then so we shouldn't book anything'. It got to January and I was very low and we decided to bite the bullet and choose happiness! So excited to have this adventure together to look forward too! Thanks x

  2. Mara--darling post, but what I am really wanting are your outfit details. I'm dying over that cute chambray jumpsuit!

    1. haha! Love it. OK - I added the link for the jumpsuit. It's from Kate Spade Saturday.

  3. Luigis is the best! Did you know that they grow some of their own herbs? So cool and not what you'd think when you walk into the place but they have done it forever. Thought that was so appropriate that you picked up basil on the way back :)

    1. SO COOL!!! I just told Danny this awesome detail about the herbs and he said, "Yep! The owner told me that, too!" Oh, that basil aioli on that pizza! YUM.

  4. I love seeing your pictures from a weekend in Park Slope! I've been wanting to get back to Brooklyn ever since I left in December after staying there for a month. I didn't know much about it before I visited, but now, anytime I go to NYC - I plan to stay in Brooklyn. It has such a wonderful neighborhood feel to it and so much less stressful than Manhattan.

  5. I have yet to explore anything but the touristy places in Dumbo, next time I come it is on my list.

  6. Brooklyn is great. I think of it as the place all the cool kids live/want to live. And I think of the Beastie Boys. We didn't explore it too much, since we lived on the other side of the planet (northern manhattan) but Brooklyn's cool.

  7. Lets be Brooklyn old ladies forever.

  8. Looks like a pretty awesome weekend. Clothes look great and pizza looks delicious = win win :D

  9. It's so funny that you asked what people think about Brooklyn, because just this weekend I had the chance to visit for the first time. I have no idea why (probably bc I read a lot of blogs by people who live in Brooklyn), but I thought that it was super fancy and upscale. Then we got out of the subway to go visit my cousin who lives there and emerged next to the projects- uhh, what?! Haha! I know that there are nice places and less nice places of course, but my husband thought it was hilarious that I had built this "grunge neighborhood" as my cousin so daintily calls it waaaay way up in my mind. ;)

  10. I miss the old neighborhood. Fun to see you guys at some of the places I went almost every week. Give Park Slope a squeeze from me. We miss you guys.

  11. Last time we were in NYC we hopped over to Brooklyn JUST for dinner. We hit up The Chip Shop as my husband was missing some English fare.


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