31 May 2013

Love Announcements

You guys...I can't even tell you how much I've loved the amazing discussions here this week. THANK YOU for joining in.  It's just the best.  I love having this space to discuss important things with each other.  It's so fun to hash this stuff out.  So thank you.  And wow, you all have the most insightful things to say.  I just love it.  

And now, a few Love Announcements...

  • We highly recommend Pok Pok NY for a date night!  (It's right on the waterfront on Columbia St., in Brooklyn...just down from Brooklyn Bridge Park).  We also saw they were preparing the lot next door as a garden eating space for the summer.  No doubt it will be magical to dine under the stars!  [Btw, Danny loved the Vietnamese Chicken Wings (not GF) and we both loved the Vermicelli Curry dish and the Flank Steak Salad.]

  •  I loved the table cloths at Pok Pok.  You know me, I asked where they're from and you can buy the vinyl cloth by the roll at Mendel's, in San Francisco.  It would be so perfect for a kitchen table or an outdoor table (for those so lucky to have either :).   

  • I just got my hair colored (& new bangs) by Christie Somers.  This woman is TALENTED.  And I don't say that lightly.  I knew her when we both starting out in NYC in our early twenties.  Since then she has had an amazing career and travels all over for her clients.  (Something fun to know:  she is the personal stylist for Ann and Mitt Romney and traveled with them all over during the campaign.)  She lives in Salt Lake City but flies to NYC for clients every 6-8 weeks.  Contact her here to set up an appt.  And, a major bonus for New Yorkers:  she typically will come to your HOME to do your hair.  Sooooo nice!!!!  Her prices are also much less than you'd normally have to pay here in the city.  (She's also one of the nicest people ever.)

  • And, some exciting news for me:  I'm going to Alt Summit NYC!  Alt is SUCH an amazing, well-done event.  And there's just something so fun about getting together with other bloggers.  I can't wait.  Will you be there?  I'd love to meet you!!  (You can find me hosting the craft session that morning.) 

  • I am just loving the swimsuits at J.Crew.  I bought this one.  And I just saw they have 30% off ALL swimwear until June 2!!  (Swimwear also gets free shipping both ways.)  

  • The new round of IVF shots continue to go so well.  I can't believe it.  We're still doing our little "routine" and it makes me feel so calm.  I think focusing on relaxing has helped a TON.  Just trying to give a glimmer of hope to people out there going through this process, since you typically only hear the horror stories.  Anyway, things are moving along..we're getting closer and closer to the embryo transfer.  

May you all have the best weekend.  We'll be cramming in Dr. appts., the famous Saturday clothing swap at church, a friend's move,  and...a total treat:  a reflexology session at Angel Feet (in Greenwich Village).  I've known about this place for over a decade and I could not be more excited to finally get to go.  :)  :)

And, do you have any 'love announcements' to share?  (any good news, a new find, something fun you're up to this weekend, a great article or book, etc.  :)

Much love,


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  1. Cute swimsuit! And your hair looks fantastic!!

    Thanks for the link to that article. It definitely rings true for me. I'm reading The Power of Now at the moment and it has definitely reminded me of your perspective on life that you share with us here.

    I hope one day I can make it to alt! Maybe next year I'll arrange my vacation to the States to coincide with the dates for the conference. It sounds like such great fun!

  2. Mara - I absolutely love your hair! It suits you so much. It is beautiful and so are you :)

  3. I looooooooooove the bangs.

  4. Your hair, I die! And I agree, J.Crew swim is the best!

  5. Totally bought all my suits at J.Crew before the sale. Doh! - LOVING their Crewcuts rash guards for my little. Best of luck with the FET - our is scheduled for mid-july after a failed fresh cycle in early May. Not looking forward to Lupron, but excited and hopeful for a positive result (for both of us!)

  6. I LOVE the j crew swimsuits! So classy:) Also I love you coloring. It looks so natural and gorgeous

  7. Mara and Danny! A love announcement. Many months ago, when I first started blogging, I wrote a post about the transformative power of your blog, specifically its effect on my lovely seventeen year old daughter, who determined to reach out more to the gentle-hearted younger sister who shares her birthday. All that love you two spread on ABAL?--it continues to bear fruit. Today's post features both girls feeling the sisterhood. I particularly think you'll smile when you see the last photo. Me?--I'll be smiling for a long time, not least because of the impact of your efforts on the most important girls in my life.


    Becky Davidson, Eleven O'Clock Mom

  8. I absolutely love your hair! Fab coloring job. Those j crew one-pieces are super cute! The coral red color is one of my favs.


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