09 May 2013

Great Artist Program

Kahlo, by a fourth grader

Cezanne, by a 2nd grader

Durer, by a 1st grader

Hokusai, by a 5th grader

Today I'm so excited to share with you something awesome...and it may just make you want to go buy some water colors and do a summer art project.  :)

Danny's sister started a company called, Great Artist Program.  It has been SO exciting to see this unfold.

She is an artist and a teacher.  More than anything, she loves teaching art and helping kids to feel confident.  She has 7 children and has mastered her lesson plans while teaching art in all of her children's classrooms over the last thirteen years.

And now, she is selling her amazing art program to elementary schools!  It has been designed for parent volunteers, so that any willing volunteer can pick up one of the lessons and easily teach the class.  So far, the schools that have it are going NUTS over it.

If you'd like to get the Great Artist Program in your child's school, Laurie says to become a champion mom by telling your PTA and your principal about it.  It's such a meaningful way to use PTA funds as this program combines art history, art appreciation, and art production - which is SO needed in our schools!

And...this part is SO GREAT for anyone wanting to teach their kids art from home (including homeschoolers):  she just started an awesome blog and video series called Great Artist Mom. Here you can find great resources, info. about supplies, and art projects.  Each week she'll be posting one art project idea and one VIDEO art lesson for kids to follow along with.  If I had kids I'd have them watch every lesson all summer long.

Here's her first lesson from Where The Wild Things Are.  I think ANY child would love this!!! She even made Danny and I tempted to go find some paint colors and follow along...

Also, if your school is able to buy the Great Artist Program, Laurie wanted to offer $100 off to all our readers' schools.  Have them mention our blog when they make the purchase.

And, she'd love any feedback.  Did your kids like drawing a Wild Thing?

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  1. Confidence in their artistic ability at a young age is so very important.

  2. Oh my, this rules!!!! Just what I love to see!!!

  3. I'm loving all of these drawings! Such talented kids!

  4. I sent this post to my sis-in-law. My little nephew is quite the artist. I suggested she let him watch the video, see if he would sit through it. Sure enough, him (6) and his sister (3) sat through the whole video and even drew their own wild things. Mom posted them to FB for me to see. Great representations if I do say so myself. I'll email them to you. Delete, appreciate, pass along, whichever you'd like. Thanks!

  5. This is fantastic! My 7 year old has always loved to draw & has really gotten into it lately. I can't wait to show him the first video. What a fun way to help him explore, I'm so excited!


  6. I LOVE this!!! Case in point: it's nearly 11 p.m. on a Sunday night, I have no children, and I watched and enjoyed it very much!

    Some feedback:

    - She is so terrifically encouraging to the children (I find myself wanting to follow along with her, too!) and strikes the perfect balance between welcoming creativity and offering guidance.

    - Her reference to artistic concepts (perspective, foreshortening, blending, resist) was not great - natural, not contrived, and yet informative.

    - I am impressed by how accessible she made this drawing. I really feel like children who struggle with creating art would feel it could be done on their own!

    I have rambled without qualification, though I am an elementary school teacher and as an educator, the things I mentioned are very important to me personally. I also think children would love her spirit and her approach!

    Thanks, Mara and Danny (and Danny's lovely sister). I really liked this!


  7. Oops, I saw that last night I wrote her reference to artistic concepts was "not great". Yuck, what a rude error to make!!
    Please replace that with "great". For real!

  8. Our charter school in South Jordan, Utah is in the 2nd year of doing this program! It has been a great success!!


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