12 April 2013

Yellow Happiness


From Teddy Nykiel:

"I'm currently studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium.  I've noticed a lot of homes in Europe are very brightly colored, and it always makes me so happy to see them!  The first two photos were taken in Notting Hill, England and the third in Cologne, Germany."

From Breanne Martens:

"I have been loving your blog posts about the color yellow.  I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and we got dumped by a snow storm yesterday.  The first day of Spring!  I asked my husband to pick up some daffodils while he was at the grocery store as a little pick me up.  Last night they were all closed up but this morning I had one that had opened up completely.  Just in time to say good morning to me as I ate my breakfast!  I love daffodils and how they always look like they're saying "Oh, Hello!""

From Camille Moffat (of Washington D.C.):

"Found this beauty while walking from work to meet up with a friend for dinner (homemade latkes, yum!)  It's the perfect shade of yellow to remind me how close spring is...makes me think of Easter!!"

Meradyth Moore:

"Here is some yellow happiness for you!  This is the table setting at a surprise party for our dear Relief Society President.  She goes above and beyond for our ward and deserves nothing but happiness in her life.  She is truly a blessing to us."

From Ivana Ostojcic:

"I'm a 30-year-old freelance translator and social media manager from Zagreb, Croatia - sending warm greetings to you and Danny from across the world.  And... thank you for reminding me how beautiful yellow is!  On my recent trip to Italy I found this lovely purse in Coccinelle shop in Venice.  They had them in so many colors, but I immediately knew I wanted the yellow one!  Here's s photo of it. :)"

From Jarrod Schenewark:

"I was perusing Cassandra Barney's art site, and saw two of her "retablos" that made me think of you!
One was about yellow, and one was about fertility."

From Yandary Zavala:

"I don't really like yellow much (pink is my happy color!), but I absolutely LOVE yellow daffodils! :) 
And I love my yellow Easter chicken condiment shaker!"


Life has been so exciting around here.  Today we had a visit from the owner of Dig, in Brooklyn.  It's a garden shop on Atlantic Ave.  We got to collaborate with him on our window boxes!  They turned out so great and I can't stop smiling.  Pictures coming.  :)

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  1. Wow!!! I love Teddy's photos!!!

  2. I studied in Germany 10 years ago, and I took the exact same photo in Cologne! So funny the things we're all drawn to :) AND! Dig is one of my favorite stores. Bought my fig tree there and it's still going strong! I'm sure the flower box looks lovely.

  3. Yellow really is the best color, isn't it?! If I lived on a street with colorful houses I think it would instantly lift my mood every time I drove by.


  4. Those those first couple of shots. Brilliant!

  5. That cake is gorgeous! Meradyth - we need the recipe! :)

  6. Whenever I read these yellow posts, it makes me really miss your more substantial posts. Your advertising for great products and yellow pictures are nice, but it's not what I come to your blog looking for. Your blog is a blog about love and all about the things you guys have learned in your marriage and life. So it's kind of disappointing when it's just snippet posts about these kind of things. :/

  7. What beautiful photos. I love the ones of the homes in Notting Hill...it's one of my favorite movies.

  8. I LOVE Cassandra Barney's pieces. I'm glad they were included in this bunch.


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